I delved back into WoW again.  This time i’ve decided to roll a Durid.  Check it out on the WoW Armory.  Right now, I’m a Boom Chicken / Healer.  I decided to check out the Worgen race.  The beginning levels were pretty interesting, learning the lore and all that.  After that, its basicly like leveling a Night Elf.  Which is fine.  I leveled my only other “real” character as human / Drenai so its been a nice change.

I’ve been debating on checking out Guild Wars II, but I don’t really feel like plonking down the money for it, and its not really in the budget currently anyways.

Still toying with the MWO Beta.  Thats been a lot of fun.  Expecially <redacted>, and <redacted>.  Couple of my friends have gotten beta invites as well, so I’m looking forward to getting some drops in on <redacted> with them.

In STO, I’ve switched out of the new Regent class.  Its a nice ship, but the metryon gas just isn’t enough of a useful tool when compared to the Advanced Odyssey Cruiser.  So I’m back running that, and I’m thinking I need to start working on getting some better gear, because even with my above average skill i’m starting to fall behind on damage.  I’ll have to get with some of the SSR STF runners and get some runs in.

Anyways, TTFN

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