Well Then…

Its been a minute since I’ve posted on here…

Whats been going on?  Well.  I guess I’ll start with the plans i’m working on for some events in the future.
Sept. 8th is MC Chris at The Intersection, and tickets are super dee duper cheap so I’m gonna go to that with mah super peeps.  If anybody wants to come too lemme know!

After that, Sept 29th through Oct. 2nd, there is a Star Trek convention in Chicago.  More than likely I will be able to obtain free entrance since I would be considered part of the press, considering my position at SubSpace Radio.  It would be pretty awesome for several reasons.  I’ve never been to a Con (convention), and so the experience alone would be incredible.  Also, its Leonard Nimoys last appearance ever at a Con.  Theirs going to be a bunch of great actors there.  Besides Leonord Nimoy (Spock – TOS), there is also going to be Brent Spiner (Data – TNG), Jonathon Frakes (Riker – TNG), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura – TOS), John De Lancie (Q – TNG), Dominic Keating (Malcom Reed – Enterprise), Connor Trinneer (Trip – Enterprise), Nana Visitor (Major Kira – DS9), and Rene Auberjonois (Odo – DS9).  Ok, for any trekkies lemme break down the acronyms for ya lol. TOS = The Original Series, TNG = The Next Generation, DS9 = Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise = Star Trek: Enterprise.  We (SubSpace Radio) had some coverage of the Trek Con that was in Vegas last weekend, and it was incredible.  I’m planning on putting a couple dollars away every week to attend that one next year.  .

Ok, moving on from nerdy derpity derp… What else is going on? Nothing really.  Trying to think of the “next big thing” for my website.  I did some re-arranging, and I have a few more ideas that i’m going to be working into it over the next couple days.

Other than that, I’m completely tired from too many nights of staying up late, and then waking up early.  Whats wrong with me? Why do i loves the punishment?

Oh… and where is my skype buddy… /sadface.

Oh… and WORD. Ya.. .that was for you… No, not you… Not you skype friend, You… Ya… WORD WORD WORD. Oh, Word.

Ha. I’m soooo Hillarious. I crack myself up.


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