Well now.

Ok so I’ve gone and done it.

I finally got my probablyblogging.com site turned into a multi user site.  So if you ask me nicely, I will let you start a blog there 🙂

So, today I played some video games with my brother for awhile, and then we went to the bank, and to walmart so he could return this TV / Monitor that he bought and didn’t like.  After that we picked up my daughter to have dinner with her.   We decided to go to the mall because mark (my brother) wanted to hit up one of the stores for some stuff and Mikayla wanted to go window shopping.  So we walked around and then went to TGI Fridays for dinner.  We mainly decided to go to the mall because of the fact that I wanted a steak.  Now, if you know me at all, that is a very rare occurance.  I’m a burger and fries kinda guy, with some grilled chicken splashed in once in awhile.  I very rarely ever eat steaks.  So we went to TGIF, and order a delicious Potato skins appatizer that was scrumdiddelyuptious.  And thats when the meal started to fall apart.  I ordered my steak medium well, which is surprising in of itself, since i always order them well done.  I figured i wanted it to be a bit more tender than what i usually get.  A lil pink won’t hurt me.  Well i got my steak, and it was mooing.  I almost barfed.  So the waitress brought it back to cook longer, and came back with it.  Although… it was STILL MOOING.  So she brought it back to the cooks AGAIN, and it came back.  Still red :/  So i asked her to bring it back once more and she came back and by this point was already being all huffy and having an attitude.  So i quickly cut into the middle to check and yup, it was right.  She storms off and I start eating and I’ll be darned if everything but the middle wasn’t still red.  Needless to say I’m pretty upset at this point.  So i glance over to my daughter and she’s just picking at her chicken strips, and has them all broken apart.  So i grab a piece and taste it, and ended up spitting it out because it was terrible.

Long story short, we walked out of there having paid FOURTY dollars for our meal (that my daughter didn’t touch, and I barely ate) and had to go to subway so she could actually EAT something.  I didn’t want to go there in the first place because we had a bad experience the last time we were there… (mostly it was we sat down opened the menus for lunch, and then left because of sticker shock).  But I wanted a steak… Never again TGI Fridays… Never again.  I’ll go to a STEAKHOUSE.

Anyways all that being said, i had a good time with my daughter and brother.

After we dropped her off i came home and worked on this, and the main site (www.probablyblogging.com).  I’ve also got a twitter account setup for it @pflirting  Weeee

Anyways, I’m off to bed.  Goodnight!

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