Welcome to my little space on the internet.  Here’s what you can expect to find in here:

So my little space here on the internet is basically broken down into 3 sections currently. 

  • Life With Retep:
    • Blog Posts about anything and everything
    • Regurgitated content from years gone by from my other homes around the internet.
    • Nominally funny posts
    • Pictures of me / my family / and friends
    • Life Experiences
  • Gaming With Retep
    • Twitch / Facebook / YouTube homes
    • Video Game info
  • Riding With Retep
    • Blog posts about my RideShare life
    • Instagram Posts
    • Twitter Posts
    • YouTube Videos
Here is my obligatory statement regarding the content of this site.
The content, views, links, thoughts, and emotions of this site are only such of Peter J Spalding.  As such they may or may not be permanent thoughts, views or feelings.  They do not represent any company I currently work for, used to work for, may work for in the future, any entity I volunteer for, may volunteer for, used to volunteer for, my mamma, my daddy, my brother, my sister, your daddy, your mamma, your cousin, your cousins cousins friends  babies mamma, or anybody else.  The comments on this website are the sole responsibility of their writer, and as such, the writer takes full responsibility, liability, and blame for any problems caused by said comments.  This website may accidentally link to content or sites that are obscene, useless, disgusting, hostile, empty, or plain wrong.  This website in no way condones or takes responsibility for such accidents, links, or content.
See, that wasn’t that bad, now was it? 🙂

Peter J Spalding

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