Welcome to 2020, here is a clogged sewer.

Well, it’s 2020.  And in true form, last year has ended with a bang and this year has arrived in fashion.

Twenty Twenty required us to do some hardcore work to our sewer lines.  I happened to be in the kitchen and heard a gurgle from the basement and I knew we weren’t running any laundry, but at the same time I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom.  I was going to ignore it because I was tired, but I decided to investigate.  I walked downstairs and was greeted by a flooded basement.  Well not the entire basement, but about half of it.  It’s very clear that my basement slopes to one side.  I’m not sure if they are supposed to do that or not, but thankfully mine does, as I will explain later.

So, I did what any dude probably does and called for help.  My brother came over with a few tools that I didn’t have, like a pipe wrench, toilet snake, and bigger shop vac.  While he arrived, I ran to Meijer to grab some Liquid Heat to put down the drains and the drain pipe in the basement where the water was collecting.  Once he arrived, I threw some dilapidated clothes on and my water proof boots and started plunging the floor drain where the water was collected.  I spent a long time plunging with no effect, so we started putting some of the Liquid Heat down the drains and directly into the drain pipe in the floor.  Well, best as we could tell, because there was probably two inches of water collected and the water was not see through.  We waited awhile and continued to try to plunge the pipe, but nothing happened.  I broke the snake out but the drainage pipe has a cover on it that wouldn’t allow the snake to get through.  At that point we had exhausted all of our ideas, so he went home.

During all of this I got lots and lots of recommendations for who I should call out to have take a look at the drain.  In the morning I decided on Roto Rooter and called them out to look at it.  The guy who came out, Brandon was super helpful and informative as to what he was doing, as well as very polite and nice.  He spent a couple of hours with his machine working on the pipe and called me down to give me the bad news.  The pipe was almost completely sealed up by tree roots.  He sent his little video thing down and showed me the roots blocking the pipes, along with what appeared to be a collection of baby wipes that were apparently from the previous inhabitants of the house.  He informed me that because of the size of the pipe he wouldn’t really be able to get that much roots cleared up without the a different machine. 

So he wrapped up, and called out a different team with one of their Hydro blast machines which made pretty quick work of the roots in the pipe.  The second team was pretty thorough as well and explained exactly what they were going to be doing, showing me the before and after work.  They weren’t as nice as the first guy, but they definitely weren’t mean by any means.  Although, the bill they gave me for everything certainly was mean lol. 

All in all I guess I’m happy that it’s fixed, and will stay fixed for a long time, but I could’ve done without that giant bill freshly into 2020.

Next week I bring the car into the body shop to get fixed finally.  To see a brief story about what happened [Click Here]. 

Anyways, I guess that’s it for now.  Let’s hope 2020 calms down a bit as it rolls in.


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