So whats going on?
Pretty slow day at work.  Kinda disappointed that we didn’t the snow storm yesterday that we were supposed to.  Would’ve made us quite busy.  Meh.

So whats new in my Gaming world?  Well one of STO’s long time community members got a job with Perfect World.  Link to the article is [HERE].  Congratulations to him!  Season 5 for Star Trek Online hits tomorrow.  Weee!

In other news, Sunday is my birthday.  Looking forward to spending it with Mikayla.  Hopefully somebody else as well. We shall see.

I’ve been playing around with some different rom’s for my phone.  Still think that Cyanogenmod is the best, although I really like how MIUI looks.  MIUI looks really really pretty, but lacks a lot of the features that CM has, and doesn’t seem to run quite as well.

Anyways, thats all for now.  I’m thinking about splitting my blog into two different sites… One that’s gaming related and one thats personal. Why? Well, because I’m sure not everybody cares terribly about my personal life, just about my opinion on certain things.

Anyways.  TTFN


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