Wedding Day is coming, Star Trek Beyond, Justice League, and More!

I posted something on my facebook the other day, but i figured I should probably put it here as well, just in case.

As our wedding day rapidly approaches, we’ve been getting more and more questions about our ceremony and reception. Initially we had planned to have a bigger reception, but we’ve decided to have a very small ceremony and reception that includes our immediate family members only. Several peeps have asked about cards and a wedding registry so we finally decided to make something really quick.  For our address for cards, please email me, text me, or call me.

We also created a Target registry for those who’ve insisted as well:…/registry/z2n7OOas5Thl6mB8TvNrbw

Thank you so much for your advice, well wishes, and support!

Star Trek Beyond.  What a movie.  For me it was easily the best of the 3 latest Star Trek movies.  I thought the story line was solid, the characters were solid, and the CGI was amazing.  It was nice to see some of JJ’s old friends with cameos, like Greg Grunberg who was in Lost, and in Hero’s.  I think particularly touching was the send off that Spock / Leonard Nimoy received.  I can honestly say I was misty eyed several times when they were paying tribute.  There was also “just enough” one liners and funny cracks throughout the movie to sate the average Trekkie i felt.  I might go back to see it again in 3D, as several of the sequences looked pretty amazing.  I was, however, disapointed in the trailers that played before the movie.  Nothing of any real interest really.  Besides Jason Bourne.

The 2nd trailer for Dr Strange came out, and judging from the added sequences, this is looking to be a pretty good movie.   The first trailer was pretty barren from any of the “magic”.  This one, not so much.


The trailer for Justice League also came out today, and that also looks to be promising.  I just hope they don’t murder too much of the movie to make the “critics” happy.  I, along with 90% of my friends felt like Batman Vs Superman was a good movie.  Did it have its issues? Sure, but most movies always have something.  It’s like my friend complaining about the story line in Transformers.  Its like, Bro… Don’t go to Transformers expecting to see “Gone With The Wind.”  You go to transformers to see giant Robots fighting.  Duh.


Lastly, the Wonder Woman trailer finally came out as well.  As you have probably guessed, I’ve found it to be of enough awesomeness, to have made it into the magical world of my blog.


Other than that, I’ve just used my Level 90 Boost from World of Warcraft to give myself a Mage.  ALL THE DEEPS SHALL BE MINE! (Once I figure out how this Icy Veins stuff works… And Blink… and stuff.

Anyways, that’s all for now.


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