Upgrade, and Shots fired!

Well in the interim of me trying to decide whether to switch back to Drupal, or stay with WordPress for my site, I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. Seems pretty nice on the back end.. (wait, wut?) Not sure how it will affect front end things, but we shall see.

Today has been a very interesting day. It started off normally. I went and picked up Mikayla, and we went to the mall. Had lunch at A&W… MMMM…. Good stuff. Then we got tickets for Transformers 3. That was a lot of fun, and we both enjoyed it. New girlfriend wasn’t as bad as I thought she was going to be, but I still don’t think she’s all that good looking. Story was pretty good… Couple ‘bots died, that was pretty sad. Didn’t really leave it very open for a 4th one. Although i’ve heard there won’t be one anytways.

So after the movie, we walked around the mall for awhile, looked at some stuff… Looked at some phones for mikayla, as I’ve been thinking about adding her to my plan. Found out sprint has some pretty nice parental control things so i wouldn’t have to worry about racking up my bill.

Then.. I checked my phone.

And thats when I was greeted to several tweets, and txts about the state of my neighborhood.
Here’s a link to WZZM 13, that has all the info. To shorten it up, a dude killed 7 people in the neighborhood I live in, shot 2 others non fatally in other places around the city, led police on a high speed chase, and then held 3 people hostage BACK around my neighborhood, and then killed himself.

Almost immediately the phone calls started pouring in from family, friends, and baby’s mama’s aking sure that Mikayla and I were ok.

What a day.

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