Uber intersting, the Lyft I had…

Before I get into my story, I guess I should preface it with the fact that I’m no longer at my old job.  Last week was my last week there, and I worked my last shift on Saturday.  So ya.  For now I’m going to be driving Uber / Lyft full time until I decide to either go back to school or I find something else more “careerish”.  So, that being said and out of the way.  ON TO THE STORY!

So today I started driving for Uber and Lyft.  I started this afternoon for about 4 hours and then came home for dinner and then hit the road again around 10pm till about 3:30am.  Man.  The amount of craziness tonight was astounding.  I love it!  I feel like it’s almost the perfect job for me because I just love talking to people.  The whole sitting in the car for extending periods of time makes my restless legs… well restless.  Also, I drank way too much liquids in the last 24 hours, because I kept having to stop like every 2 hours lol.

So the first great story was the mid 30’s mom I picked up from Billy’s.  She was quite inebriated of course, but I had a feeling it was going to be interesting.  She then started to tell me about how a year ago she had gotten a DUI because she got into a fight with her husband and went to the bar to drink.  She then told me she left the bar to meet up with a dude to cheat on her husband with.  Who, by the way, had just paid to have her get a boob job.  I’m of course cutting a lot of details out because she put the wrong address into the app so we had to go across town.  I then got to hear the story of how there’s a line or two waiting for her when she gets to her friends house.

The next story is of the couple that I picked up on the NE side of town heading to one of the bars downtown.  When I pulled up, they were outside waiting so at first I was super pumped.  Then I took a good look at them and realized the hipsterness that was about to enter my Jean Grey (that’s the name of my Jeep.)  They were super friendly the entire ride, but about 3 minutes into talking with me they must’ve figure out that despite the beard, nose ring, and fauxhawk, that I’m not much more of a hipster.  So then I got to listen to them talk to each other about how fantastic something was — I think pottery?, and how amazing that the speckles are able to show up when you work with it.  They continued to talk about how everybody’s doing this now and it’s all over Etsy and on and on.  My brain was numb by the time I dropped them off lolol.

Next was the 4 girls I picked up from Eastown and took 4 blocks to their house.  They left me with a flower.  And all the dirt that used to be attached to the flower.  Definitely won the award for loudest riders of the evening.  Super nice, just really loud.

Finally in the category of craziness was the two girls I picked up from East GR.  They were apparently from Indiana and drove 3 hours to hang out with some boys.  They were leaving because one of them got bit by the dog at the house they were going to stay at.  They were going to have to stay in a room that apparently some other random chick was sleeping in — with “friends” aka a bunch of spiders.  Honestly it sounded like a disaster so it was probably best they left.

I also had several other riders that were pretty interesting in general because of the conversation.  I picked up one guy who was a Software Engineer for Spectrum Health.  We had some interesting nerd chat about that.  My first rider of the evening was actually one of my former co-workers.  It was great to see her and catch up (so if you’re reading this, HI SAM!).  I didn’t realize she lived like around the corner from me so that was interesting.

Anyways, since I’m not working 70-80 hours a week anymore, I’m gonna try to post more often.  Maybe recap my rides every night or so, if I have funny stories to talk about.


EDIT:  I forgot this story:

I forgot to include the story about the guy i picked up in Eastown. He was completely wasted. He was supposed to have me pick him up at Mulligans, but after waiting about 5 minutes i called him and he told me he was down by the dominos. He got really snarky and cursed at me so I was thinking that I might have to cancel this ride because I didn’t want some angry guy in my car. So I drove over to the Dominos on Lake Drive, and there he was — nearly in the middle of the road. So I pull over and he walks over to give me a fist bump. So I’m thinking, Ok.. This might be ok. He gets in and starts telling me about how he was at the bar and none of the young guys liked him because their girls kept on looking at him because of how attractive he was, and how he’s the man. He talked about how good looking he was and how he was a whiz with the ladies for awhile, and then he told me he was retired. I then made the mistake of asking him what he used to do. He explained to me in the lengthiest, yet somehow skimpiest on the details way possible he was a car builder. The best in the world that ever was. Except his buddy who was just a little bit better than him. So of course, I asked him what kind of cars he built, and he was still extremely vauge. But then he went into this tirade for the next 10 minutes — from 96 to 4mile and Alpine area, about how he build the Dodge Viper. “BUMPER TO FU**ING BUMPER MAN”. It was the best story ever. I pulled into his drive way and he thought somebody was following us. I thought for sure this was gonna be one of those where I’m gonna pull up to the house and he’s gonna talk for another 30 minutes. But he actually got right out and stumbled inside.

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