Today is thursday, tomorrow is Friday

Well im sitting here at the laundrymat doing laundrymat. Weeee.  Figure it was as good as time as any to post something.

Today was a good day to do laundry.  The machines are on special so its superdeeduper cheap! Yay! Its also pretty quiet here versus the normal place we go.  I think i may start coming here in the future as my laundrymat.  Maybe im getting old but i just cant deal with all the noise at the other place.  Its worth the extra minute drive to come here versus the one down the street for the extra peace and quiet.

There is a couple here doing laundry too.  At first glance they appear to be happy and couple-ish.  However, as im pretty good at reading body launguage and people watching, i think that is not actually the case.  The girl looks very sad in her eyes.  She doesnt actually appear to be happy.  He appears to be very controlling as well.  Hes following her around while she does the laundry.  Although hes not really helping per say, so much as hes just following her around tell her what to do.  My brother disagrees with my assessment, but i think im right.  Theyve also got an absorbant amount of laundry.  Absorbant… Is that even the right word? Meh. I dunno.  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Lolol

Anyways, tonight is still dinner at some point. Maybe ill game for a bit later… Or watch house… Or have ice cream. Who knows. The day is young.


Author: peter

Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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