Today I relaxed.


No… No I didn’t.
I super cleaned the two biggest rooms of the house today.  Took me all dang day, but 2 rooms look nice.  I had some help, Mikayla, and Ruthie kept the couch on the ground to make sure it didn’t move while i was dashing around… lololol

I did find time to make Spaghetti, Meatballs, and Garlic bread for dinner.  It was rather delicious I must admit.  I used a special blend of sauces, as well as my own little added spices and flavorings.  Meatballs were store bought, but were delicious as well.  And garlic bread… Well… Its garlic bread, you can rarely go wrong with that.

Also managed to watch Underworld and Green lantern.  It was nice to see Underworld.  Haven’t seen that one in ages.  Maybe next weekend I’ll watch the 2nd and 3rd ones.  I also want to have a Back to the Future marathon since its out on BlueRay now.

Anyways, its late, and I need to get to bed.  Goodnight!


Author: peter

Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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