Time for the fix! (From the Hit and Run)

So, next week, I finally get to bring in the car to get repaired.  It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to get it done.

For those of you who don’t know the story, let me explain.

A few weeks ago — no.  Two months ago at this point.  I was involved in a Hit and Run accident downtown while working for Lyft.  I was downtown on Leonard street right in front of Mitten Brewing at the pedestrian crosswalk area.  There was somebody crossing the street, which in Grand Rapids, means, at certain intersections, they have the right away while crossing.  This was one such intersection.  So I was rolling to a stop when I was rear ended by the person behind me.

Long story short, she originally pulled over and was waiting, but then took off.

Lyft’s insurance company took 7 weeks to answer any phone calls from me, or the body shop that the car was taken to for the original estimate.  SEVEN WEEKS.  Finally, after I threw a big fit and talked to several “managers”, my case started taking some traction.  Well they finally got the quote from the body shop and asked them to change several of the items on there to cheaper work / pieces.  Once the body shop adjusted the quote, Lyft’s insurance denied my claim because it was below the deductible that we have for damages.  Yes.  Go back and read that paragraph and become enraged like me.

Fast forward.  MY insurance company is going to cover all the damages because I was not at fault and I also carry the Rideshare driver rider on my insurance.  So it goes in on Monday, Jan 13th, to get fixed.  It’s gonna take several days but it will be nice to have the booty fixed on Ella the Elantra.


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