This weekend

Well.  What a fantastically fantastic weekending.

This week at work was fairly lamo.  Friday night was SUPER dee duper busy, and Sat was  quite the opposite.  The beginning of next week should be quite interesting.

This weekend Mikayla came over, along with my sister.  We watched several movies over the course of Saturday night through Sunday night.  We watched, in no particular order of course, Final Destination 5, Paranormal Activity 3, 50/50, and Abduction.  All were pretty good movies, except for Final Destination.  The scary moments brought at worst a quick gasp of breath, then followed by a large bellow of laughter because most of the situations were just so beyond possible it WAS just laughable.

We had pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Actually, Blueberry pancakes.  They were amazing.  Ru made them.  Bangarang.

I grilled both tonight, and last night.  First time grilling this year and let me tell you… Man o man.  Last night was the warm up for the deliciousness that was tonight.  We made pretty much just plain beef burgers last night, (with a special blend of Lowry’s, salt, pepper, and garlic salt), but tonight was the pinnacle of burgerness.  We added previously mentioned ingredients, but with the addition of some Mrs Grass French Onion mix.  Holy crap were those burgers good.  I’ll have to have a grill out sometime this summer if i have time.

Anyways, I’ve got to get to bed.

PS. If YOU’RE reading this, I miss talking to you.  Actually if YOU’RE reading this too, I miss talking to you too, and I’m sorry I was angry with you.  Well, somewhat.  Maybe we could start fresh.  U know how to get a hold of me.

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