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So, on Sunday 10/14/2012 I went to the Lego Kids Fest.  It was a blast.  We got there a little bit later than planned due to “somebody” not actually getting up and getting dressed while I was in the shower (Mikayla).  It was about a two hour drive, and very rainy almost the entire way.  The excitement began before we actually got to the convention center, when we accidentally drove onto the on ramp of the highway as we were getting off said highway in Novi.  To be fair, it was a EXTREMELY confusing intersection.  I can’t even begin to describe it.

Anyways, we got there and had a wait to pull in for probably 5-10 minutes to actually pull in to the parking lot, but once we got in there we parked right away, and not too far away.  We walked in, and I was surprised how empty the outside hallway was.  We zipped right through the entrance line, got our tickets validated, and then turned the corner into the actual area of the convention, and HOLY SMOKES! TONS of people everywhere!  I had expected it to be busy, and a lot of people, but i was quite surprised by how many were actually there.

To describe it, is pretty hard to do.  There are several (and by several, i mean many) different areas that are portioned off that are different events, contests, and vendor areas.

The main floor had a couple BIG areas that were set up for the “main” attractions.  There was a area where they were doing a “Master Builder” workshop, a couple times every hour, and a gigantic area where there was thousands of legos on the ground.  It was like a giant sandbox filled with legos.

I think the highlight for me personally was probably one of two things (besides the company).  They had an area (well, actually, several areas) where you could just build stuff.  So we sat there for awhile and built stuff.  Interestingly enough i made stuff from Minecraft lol.









The second thing that stood out for me was the Lego Robot wars area they had.  They had these Lego remote controlled robots, and you could fight other robots.  Well, the actual purpose was supposed to be some sort of soccer game with robots, but all the kids wanted to do was fight… lololol.  Mikayla seemed to really enjoy that part and she was doing a really good job too lol.

Anyways, for more pics, check out the Gallery

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