Interview with Dan Stahl


So this Thursday I’ll be interviewing Dan “DStahl” Stahl, the Executive Producer for Star Trek Online.  I’m looking forward to talking with him.  I’ve prepared a pretty lengthy set of questions that I’ll be asking.  Once they get approved, I’ll post it up here so you guys can see.  It should be a interesting conversation for sure.  I took a bit of time, and threw some of my personal questions along with some of the ones that the listeners turned into me.  Some are fairly easy, but several are some moderately hard questions.  On any level, it will be more of a serious interview than the last one that I did with Craig Z, and him.

Check out the article over at SubSpace Radio – [Full Article Here.]

Tonights Show

Today was a very nice, and relaxing day off.  I went to Mikaylas school and brought her SubWay for lunch.  I got the same thing for her I always do.  Ham and extra pickle on white.  Thats it.  Nothing else… She’s so picky.  I wonder where she gets it from. LOL.

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Star Trek Online goes F2P! Launch Event Schedule, and Features Matrix

This post is a cross post from my Gaming Blog.  You can read the articles at [Astien’s House of Pain]

On Tuesday, January 17th, Star Trek Online will be officially free-to-play!

In celebration of the launch, Massively will be joining Cryptic Studios in welcoming all new and veteran captains. The team is hosting several fun events ranging from costume and trivia events to livestreamed character creation tutorials and dance parties!

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So whats going on?
Pretty slow day at work.  Kinda disappointed that we didn’t the snow storm yesterday that we were supposed to.  Would’ve made us quite busy.  Meh.

So whats new in my Gaming world?  Well one of STO’s long time community members got a job with Perfect World.  Link to the article is [HERE].  Congratulations to him!  Season 5 for Star Trek Online hits tomorrow.  Weee!

In other news, Sunday is my birthday.  Looking forward to spending it with Mikayla.  Hopefully somebody else as well. We shall see.

I’ve been playing around with some different rom’s for my phone.  Still think that Cyanogenmod is the best, although I really like how MIUI looks.  MIUI looks really really pretty, but lacks a lot of the features that CM has, and doesn’t seem to run quite as well.

Anyways, thats all for now.  I’m thinking about splitting my blog into two different sites… One that’s gaming related and one thats personal. Why? Well, because I’m sure not everybody cares terribly about my personal life, just about my opinion on certain things.

Anyways.  TTFN


Enter Title Here…

Heh… See what i did there?  I made you think that I forgot to erase the original title in the little box.  But I really typed it in on purpose.  Or did i?  MUUHAHAHAHA

So, whats new? Hurm… Meetings today. As per the norm on every monday (except holidays of course.) I acclimated my latest member of my management team to the store. Although I never really gave her a tour of the store like i had planned on doing. Dang. Did a bunch of paper pushing at the store today. Worked on some marketing plans, and scheduling, and some other stuff that i can’t remember.

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