Another late sunday evening

Well here we are.  Me… typing in this blog.  You… Reading it minutes, moments, hours, or maybe days later.  You and me.  Hi.  Lets recap the week!

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Merge Complete! (Mostly)

Ok.  So, I’ve decided to merge my two blogs into one.  Stuff in my personal blog will be under the category “Blog”, and stuff related to gaming will be under “Gaming”.  Pretty simple eh?  The nice thing about merging the two is that it will be a lot easier for me.  Now, the BIG decision, is to still make two separate posts, or just use one posts tagged with both categories.

Anyways, after several MIND BLOWING episodes of Dr Who, its off to bed time for me.  WEEEEEEEEE


Shibbity Doo Whop

I dunno what else to call this blog post so that’s going to be what it is.  YAY!

So, whats new… I’m going to see one of my all time favorite Hip Hop bands in a couple of weeks.  Wu Tang Clan!!! I’m totally excited.  I even took a picture of the ticket just for goodness sakes.

Its going to be pretty sweet.  It is all the surviving members.  Too bad ODB isnt’ around because he was one of my favorites, besides Method Man.

I watched Fast Five today before going to work.  It was pretty good.  The Rock is friggen HUGE.  Jeeze!  I mean, Vin Diesel is a big dude himself, and The Rock just makes him look like a rag doog.  Sheesh!  I kinda wish I had cable so I could see him wrestling again.  He was always one of my favorite wrestlers, along with Goldberg.  I remember i went to see The Rock in town here for Smackdown, and it really was “electrifying” when he came out.  I don’t think i’ve EVER heard such a roar as when his intro music played.

Anyways, Work is worky.  I really wish we would get some snow.  Would make things pick up i think.

Anyways, its 5am.  WHAT AM I STILL DOING UP?

Goodnight, and TTFN

Today is not Friday… Well… It is… *now*

Hello peeps.

What a day today has been. I stayed up late last night, and then tried to sleep in, but had several phone calls from people that prevented that from happening. I did sleep in a little bit, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

What did I do today? A whole lot of nothing really. I watched “Priest”. That was a pretty good movie. Left it pretty wide open for a second one in my opinion. While I thought that it was good, I am relatively happy that I didn’t go see it in the theater as I had planned. I think I would have been very sadly disappointed. It’s one of those movies that are perfect for curling up on the couch and watching in your home surround sound, versus actually leaving the house and going to the theater.

I played some Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a bit, and hit level 6 finally. (I’ve been slacking obviously). I unlocked some sort of new sniper gun, but it’s pretty terrible.

What else is new… Well I did laundry tonight. It was loud. Very loud. Loud and boisterous…. Is that a word? Apparently so, since the spell check didn’t yell at me. While I was doing laundry apparently some drama occurred… A BIG thank you for the person that was able to step in and help out since I was stuck at the Laundry mat. You know who you are… No, not you… not you either… Ya… You… Sup…

Anyways, I think that’s all I’m going to put in here for tonight

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