Legacy Of Romulus Tutorial Review

So I decided to do a review of the new Legacy of Romulus expansion since it’s a Beta weekend!  I’m pretty excited about STO getting Romulans as they have always been one of my favorite races.  I’ve always loved the Feds, and never really like the Klingons.  Not that I think they are a bad race, or anything, they are just not my style.  Vulcans and Romulans have always been at the top of my favorite aliens list.  WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

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STO Getting Romulan Faction

So, Star Trek Online is finally getting a Romulan faction, in the form of STO’s first expansion called “Legacy of Romulus.”

Some of the features coming out with this expansion:

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New 3 Year Mission in STO

So I ran the new mission today in STO.  It was a pleasant surprise to hear Denise Crosby reprise her role as Tasha Yar in the mission.  I took a few screenshots.  Over the weekend I’m going to try to run it again, except take my time and make a big post about it, so for now, heres the skinny 🙂

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