Hi, I’m Pete

So it dawned on me that while I’ve been blogging now for years here on my self hosted blog, and that lots of the people who read this know exactly who I am and what I’m doing.  However, with my recent uptick in all my social media endeavors, I’ve gained a lot of new followers and readers and should probably explain a bit about myself.

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Uber intersting, the Lyft I had…

Before I get into my story, I guess I should preface it with the fact that I’m no longer at my old job.  Last week was my last week there, and I worked my last shift on Saturday.  So ya.  For now I’m going to be driving Uber / Lyft full time until I decide to either go back to school or I find something else more “careerish”.  So, that being said and out of the way.  ON TO THE STORY!

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Harro Bloggy Blog

So, I’ve not posted anything up here in quite some time.  Well, to be frank, I’ve posted stuff, but its really all been more personal inflection that can’t be shared because… Well… because.

Whats new?  I’ve been playing a LOT of Minecraft.  The radio station that I DJ at randomly has a multiplayer server.  I started out playing it because of Mikayla.  She begged me to play it with her on the XBox when she spent a couple weeks over here.  She played for all day a couple of times while i was working.  So i figured I would check it out and release some creative brain juices.  Well, come to find out, Minecraft is kinda like Lego’s, and i LOVED Legos. I’ll post some pictures in my gaming blog, and then link it [HERE] to this article 🙂

I’m also been putting together the ground work for a website for my family to use for photos.  Gonna have to figure out a few things though, and may have to make a few backtracks.

I’m thinking about doing a revamp on my blog.  I need to figure out a way to seperate out the twitter auto posts once a week, and my normal posts.  I tweet a lot, lol.

Other than that there really isn’t much to share that’s of share-able-ness.  Wut?



Well, I’m home.

Welp, I’m home from the hospital.  What an interesting ordeal this has been.

I am glad to be at least out of the hospital because that bed was getting very uncomfortable.  Even with getting up and walking around several times through out the day.  Although i don’t recall having met one person there that wasn’t extremely pleasant and willing to fetch me anything.  Is that because their about to get a fat paycheck?  Was it because of the floor I was on was way less busy than some of the other floors?  Maybe.  But the humility and the kindness that they exemplified was astounding.  And it was all of them.  From the interns to even the super colon specialist.

I have to set up an appointment with the colon doctor guy in 3-5 weeks.  I’m definitely NOT looking forward to that.  Uggh.

I hear i’m missing an extremely fun week at work.  Kinda sucks.  I go back on Monday bright eyed and bushy tailed though.

Anyways thats it for now.