Ahh… Thanksgiving.

So, DJ aCe was in the house tonight, over at SubSpace Radio. It was a great show, and if you missed it you can catch it on the rewind.  I started out with an hour of Pop music including some Brittney, Pink, Ke$ha, Duffy, Lady Gaga, and Owl City to name a few.  For the second hour I merged into a Clubby / Techno grove, with some stuff by Tiesto, Darude, David Guetta, Eiffel 65, Manian, Fatboy Slim, and more.  It was a great show, and it was nice to get on air.  I haven’t been on in a couple months.

Whats new with me… Hurm.  I took Mikayla out for dinner and a movie the other night.  We had a blast.  We went to Red Robin for dinner, and then went to see the new Twilight movie.  We both enjoyed it.  Yes, even I did.  I’ve enjoyed the entire series, for a lot of reasons really.  #TeamAlice FTW! lololol

Thanksgiving is going to be at my parents house and I should probably get to bed and get some sleep beforehand so i don’t sleep all day there… lolol.

Happy Thanksgiving, and TTFN

I’m really blogging…

I really am blogging.  It just so happens that most of my posts have been private as of late.  Just because… well.. because.  I think for me blogging has really helped immensely in removing some of the stress in my life.  Unfortunately not all of it can just be shared.   So ya… I’m not just ignoring my blog.  I’m just practicing safe blogging… lolz!

So whats new?  Hurm.  I’m in love with Fireflies by Owl City.  Check it out… Its a good listen.  Actually, listening to their other songs, I may purchase the album.  The songs I’m hearing are really good.  Easy on the ears, lyrical, and meaningful.

Tomorrow i go pick up Skyrim for my brother after work.  He’s getting it for his 360, but I think I might get it as well, but for PC.  Although i suppose if he has it for 360 i can just yank it when he’s not playing it.

Anyways, its 1am, and time for me to go to bed.  Goodnight.