Wedding Day is coming, Star Trek Beyond, Justice League, and More!

I posted something on my facebook the other day, but i figured I should probably put it here as well, just in case.

As our wedding day rapidly approaches, we’ve been getting more and more questions about our ceremony and reception. Initially we had planned to have a bigger reception, but we’ve decided to have a very small ceremony and reception that includes our immediate family members only. Several peeps have asked about cards and a wedding registry so we finally decided to make something really quick.  For our address for cards, please email me, text me, or call me.

We also created a Target registry for those who’ve insisted as well:…/registry/z2n7OOas5Thl6mB8TvNrbw

Thank you so much for your advice, well wishes, and support!

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Enter Title Here…

Heh… See what i did there?  I made you think that I forgot to erase the original title in the little box.  But I really typed it in on purpose.  Or did i?  MUUHAHAHAHA

So, whats new? Hurm… Meetings today. As per the norm on every monday (except holidays of course.) I acclimated my latest member of my management team to the store. Although I never really gave her a tour of the store like i had planned on doing. Dang. Did a bunch of paper pushing at the store today. Worked on some marketing plans, and scheduling, and some other stuff that i can’t remember.

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Today is not Friday… Well… It is… *now*

Hello peeps.

What a day today has been. I stayed up late last night, and then tried to sleep in, but had several phone calls from people that prevented that from happening. I did sleep in a little bit, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

What did I do today? A whole lot of nothing really. I watched “Priest”. That was a pretty good movie. Left it pretty wide open for a second one in my opinion. While I thought that it was good, I am relatively happy that I didn’t go see it in the theater as I had planned. I think I would have been very sadly disappointed. It’s one of those movies that are perfect for curling up on the couch and watching in your home surround sound, versus actually leaving the house and going to the theater.

I played some Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a bit, and hit level 6 finally. (I’ve been slacking obviously). I unlocked some sort of new sniper gun, but it’s pretty terrible.

What else is new… Well I did laundry tonight. It was loud. Very loud. Loud and boisterous…. Is that a word? Apparently so, since the spell check didn’t yell at me. While I was doing laundry apparently some drama occurred… A BIG thank you for the person that was able to step in and help out since I was stuck at the Laundry mat. You know who you are… No, not you… not you either… Ya… You… Sup…

Anyways, I think that’s all I’m going to put in here for tonight

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