Merry Christmas!


Welp, I figure I’ll drop a quick blog while I’m waiting for family to come over.
Not much new really, Its been a quiet last couple of days.  Very busy at work of course.
My sister and I went shopping at the mall for some last minute stuff.  I was quite surprised at how slow it was.  I figured it would be busy as heck with people last minute shopping. I was not able to find ANYTHING that i wanted to get mikayla.  I was going to get her a cellphone on my contract.  In fact that was the main reason of going to the mall.  Oh well.  I got her a couple things that I think she’ll like.

Anyways, Merry Christmas all who read this.




Well now.

Ok so I’ve gone and done it.

I finally got my site turned into a multi user site.  So if you ask me nicely, I will let you start a blog there 🙂

So, today I played some video games with my brother for awhile, and then we went to the bank, and to walmart so he could return this TV / Monitor that he bought and didn’t like. Continue reading “Well now.”