Minecraft and Pics

Whats new?  I’ve been playing a LOT of Minecraft.  SubSpace Radio that I DJ at randomly, has a multiplayer server.  I started out playing it because of Mikayla.  She begged me to play it with her on the XBox when she spent a couple weeks over here.  She played for all day a couple of times while i was working.  So i figured I would check it out and release some creative brain juices.  Well, come to find out, Minecraft is kinda like Lego’s, and i LOVED Legos. I’ll post a couple of pics of my properties that I’ve built, and then start a new photo album with a bit more detail.

My house, is two stories, with a FULL basement.  The main floor hosts a closet, the TV room, my bedroom, and a portal room to my other properties.

The Treehouse currently has my chicken, cow, and sheep farm, as well as my wheat and sugar cane auto harvesters.  I built them using guidelines from YouTube.

The third property i built is a underwater see-through pizzeria.  That was a LOT of work, as I had to clear room all the way around to get a decent view.

Once I post the picture gallery with more detailed pics, i’ll link it [HERE]to this article!

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