Things, and such…

So, on Sunday 10/14/2012 I went to the Lego Kids Fest.  It was a blast.  We got there a little bit later than planned due to “somebody” not actually getting up and getting dressed while I was in the shower (Mikayla).  It was about a two hour drive, and very rainy almost the entire way.  The excitement began before we actually got to the convention center, when we accidentally drove onto the on ramp of the highway as we were getting off said highway in Novi.  To be fair, it was a EXTREMELY confusing intersection.  I can’t even begin to describe it. Continue reading “Things, and such…”

Minecraft and Pics

Whats new?  I’ve been playing a LOT of Minecraft.  SubSpace Radio that I DJ at randomly, has a multiplayer server.  I started out playing it because of Mikayla.  She begged me to play it with her on the XBox when she spent a couple weeks over here.  She played for all day a couple of times while i was working.  So i figured I would check it out and release some creative brain juices.  Well, come to find out, Minecraft is kinda like Lego’s, and i LOVED Legos. I’ll post a couple of pics of my properties that I’ve built, and then start a new photo album with a bit more detail.

My house, is two stories, with a FULL basement.  The main floor hosts a closet, the TV room, my bedroom, and a portal room to my other properties.

The Treehouse currently has my chicken, cow, and sheep farm, as well as my wheat and sugar cane auto harvesters.  I built them using guidelines from YouTube.

The third property i built is a underwater see-through pizzeria.  That was a LOT of work, as I had to clear room all the way around to get a decent view.

Once I post the picture gallery with more detailed pics, i’ll link it [HERE]to this article!