A Quick PSA, Pictures, and More!

Firstly, this is going to be a cross post on both my blogs because I’m too lazy to do two seperate posts, and the top is pretty important.  And, I’m probably going to combine both soon anyways.

<Rant – PSA>

Secondly, I guess I’d first like to start this post off by reminding all my friends, family, gamer friends, work friends, and anybody else that’s in between.  Use a virus scanner.  Don’t be a tart tart and think that you’re above getting hacked, or phished, or keystroke grabbed.  In the past 2 days, SEVEN of you have had your twitter accounts hacked, and then inadvertently tried to send me links to bad things.  Either spend the money and buy a reputable Internet Security suite such as my favorite, and my suite of choice, [Kaspersky Internet Security], or any of the other suites like [BitDefender Total Security], [Norton], [McAfee], or if your on a really tight budget you can go for a free suite like [ZoneAlarm], or for JUST a free virus scanner [AVG Free].  Just save yourself the trouble, and get Kaspersky though.  I’ve been using it for years now, and haven’t had any problems.  It runs smoothly in the background, with minimal fuss, and doesn’t hog a bunch of resources like McAfee and Norton.  Also, don’t click on links from PM’s (Private Message) in Twitter, or anywhere for that matter, that seem strange or out of place.  Especially with no protection on your PC or Mac.  Ok.  Anyways… Moving on.
</Rant – PSA>

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Insert Title Here… and Stuff.

Oh. Whatsup Blog.  Been awhile since I’ve written publicly in here.  I sit down at my PC on a almost daily basis, and always mean to write something in here.  Sometimes I even open the software and type one or two words in.  But then get distracted.  Or I write stuff that’s on a more personal level, and decide to keep it hidden.  Seems like that’s been happening more and more lately.

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Mikayla takes 2nd place, and more!




So Mikayla got that today.  She went to IWU (Indiana Wesyleyan University) which is one of several colleges for the church she goes to.  It’s a program that provides some scholarship monies for kids who place in the talent program.  Out of several hundred kids that applied and performed for singing, Mikayla took 2nd place.  I can’t wait to see her when she gets back.  I’m so proud of her, and I’m excited that she’s getting some reward for all the pushing that I have given her.  Not just me, but her mom too.  We’ve both encouraged her to sing because she loves it so much, and she’s good at it.  Anyways, that’s enough bragging for now.

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So last night as I was sitting at my PC i noticed that i was starting to be a bit dizzy. I just kind of assumed it was because of being tired, and kept pressing on with what i was working on. Well I went to lay down and immediately got the spins. Luckily for me laying on my stomach made it much more bearable, so i switched to that position and hoped i’d fall asleep quickly. Which, thankfully, I did. However after waking up a couple times in the middle of the night feeling the same way, and waking up in the morning the same, I figured I’d better head to the med center and see what was going on. Btw, before i continue this story, that did you know that when you close your eyes, the flashes you see sometimes, or the designs you see “in your head”, are because your brain is trying to decipher whats going on around you and helping to build the scenario. Well when it doesn’t know what to do, that’s what you get… a flash. And lemme tell you, it was like a lightening storm inside my brain last night. It was almost memorizing.

Anyways, continuing on with my story.  I headed to the med center around noon.  Finally around 4ish I was discharged with Vertigo.  They put me on some medication to help thin the liquid inside my inner ear.  Also got the day off from work.  Crazyness.

So, the sucky thing, is that ruins my planned fishing trip for Wednesday afternoon.  And Blues on the Mall most likely.  Bummer.

This weekend should be interesting.  Wedding! WEEEEEEE

Anyways, thats it for now.


Sup… Sup… Sup…

So, its been a minute or two since I’ve posted on here.  Mostly because I’ve been working on this new and improved site.  I’ve moved it to its own domain now, and thusly giving me the satisfaction of knowing that i successfully tinkered with it.  While I DID want to move this site to its own domain, i think it’s more the personal satisfaction of knowing that I set up the web server.  I was the one who successfully configured it to run TWO separate websites off of the same server (this site, and www.probablyblogging.com BOTH run off of the same server).  Sometimes I log in, and *hope* that some update breaks it somehow, and i”ll have to redo something in order for it to work again, just so I can tinker with it.  But, really, only a small part of me, so please don’t break my server lololol.

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