Covid-19 Shot #1

So i got my first Covid-19 shot on Monday. I got the Pfizer variation so i’ll have to go back in a couple weeks for the 2nd one. For the first couple of hours I didn’t really notice anything. I went grocery shopping and then laid down after I put away the groceries thinking i was just gonna get off my feet for a little bit. Woke up a couple hours later like… wuuut just happened. At that point my arm was hurting pretty good. Played some video games and went to bed. I worked though the day on Tuesday, but I probably shouldn’t have. I was cranky all day. Headachey and sore in the arm and body. Wednesday I ended up taking most of the day off because I was still having a headache, but by Thursday I was back to normal.

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Treading water

Sometimes you feel like you have things conquered. You have it all figured out and you have the plan memorized, and you know what the future holds. And then out of the blue that plan changes and throws everything askew. All you can do is pick up the pieces as you go, or leave them, according to the Wreckers.

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New job, crazy times and the kitchen sink

Just kidding! There’s nothing about a kitchen sink in this post! But, just as a heads up, I decided to break this gigantic post up into 3 different sections to make it easier for people who don’t care about my rideshare life, or don’t care about my gaming life. If you do care about both you can click those links and read those posts too.

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