Avengers Advent Calendar December 23rd – Final!

Well this is it! The final days of the calendar. I had a lot of fun putting this together. I have to admit that I thought the tree from the 23rd was a little boring. But the next days add on of the Infinity Gauntlet tree topper plus gems to put on the tree really made it nice. All in all this has been a fun adventure everyday looking forward to what I was going to pull out of the little box and get to put together. Thanks to Maria for sending it to me! Here’s the last of the pics and I hope you enjoyed following me on this journey. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Avengers Advent Calendar December 21st – 22nd

Oh man. It’s almost Christmas time!!! So this couple of days has one of my favorite Avengers: Thor. I’ve always liked Thor and Ironman I think as my favorites. Followed probably by Captain America. Anyways, lets get to the pics!

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Avengers Advent Calendar December 19th – 20th

Another fun couple of days of building things! I’m starting to get sad because I know Christmas is coming soon which means no more. The Avengers Tower build was especially tough. Some very non standard stuff going on with that one so it took me a bit to figure out how to build it without instructions. The Ironman windup toy robot was fun as well trying to figure out how to build it. Anyhoo, lets get to the pics!

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Avengers Advent Calendar December 16th – 18th

Hello friendaroonies. Got a couple more days worth of the Marvel Avengers Lego Advent Calendar for ya’ll. Pre warning, I messed up two of the days so if you compare the dates on the photos to the dates that I’m gonna list these in you’ll notice they’re off. I got a little head of myself on one of the days. Anyhoo, lets get to the Lego goodness.

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Avengers Advent Calendar December 13th – 15th

Not as many complex builds this group of days, but never the less there was a couple that I was excited for. Mainly Dum-E. Hims a cute lil guy. Anyways, lets get to the pics!

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Lego Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar Days 1-4

So my friend Maria got me a Lego Marvel Advent Calendar as a “get well” gift when I had Covid-19. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do this but I’m gonna try to do maybe like every other day updates or something. Also, look. I’m not sure why exactly I put quotation marks around get well. But here we are, and I’m not deleting it. Deal with it guys.

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Covid-19 Shot #1

So i got my first Covid-19 shot on Monday. I got the Pfizer variation so i’ll have to go back in a couple weeks for the 2nd one. For the first couple of hours I didn’t really notice anything. I went grocery shopping and then laid down after I put away the groceries thinking i was just gonna get off my feet for a little bit. Woke up a couple hours later like… wuuut just happened. At that point my arm was hurting pretty good. Played some video games and went to bed. I worked though the day on Tuesday, but I probably shouldn’t have. I was cranky all day. Headachey and sore in the arm and body. Wednesday I ended up taking most of the day off because I was still having a headache, but by Thursday I was back to normal.

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Treading water

Sometimes you feel like you have things conquered. You have it all figured out and you have the plan memorized, and you know what the future holds. And then out of the blue that plan changes and throws everything askew. All you can do is pick up the pieces as you go, or leave them, according to the Wreckers.

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