Pardon the dust…


So, i’ve been putting off making a blog post for awhile and next thing i know its been forever since I’ve made a post.

So whats new?  I bought a new(ish) car last month.  The purple beast was

2007 PT Cruiser

just getting to dilapidated to drive anymore.  So i traded it in and upgraded to a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser.  Its not terribly fancy or nothing.  But the CD player, and AUX input both work so I can play my cd’s and my MP3’s while i drive and actually feel safe on the road for once.   It took awhile to get used to not driving a stick shift. I kept on trying to grab the transmission stick and trying to shift.   Even still every once in awhile i’ll grab for it and try to shift gears lol.  I took a trip to Midland, MI a couple fridays ago.  It handled so nicely for the drive. 

What else is new.  I finally finished my trek (SWIDT! HAHAH) through Star Trek The Next Generation.  I watched all 7 seasons now.  So now that I concluded TNG, i’ve gotten through Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  I still think that TNG was probably my most favorite series.  As I’m typing this now I’m also watching “Chuck“.  I had already seem most of the series, but never got around to finishing it.  So, since apparently “Smallville” isn’t available to stream on Netflix as that was going to be the next series I watched.  So.  Help me out! What should I watch next?  Theirs only a few more episodes of Chuck, so that will go by quickly.

Christmas was a bit interesting this year.  The plan was to go to my parents this year.  That, however, didn’t happen.  Dad ended up getting sick with a stomach issue that kept him in the hospital for several days.  Thankfully he’s ok now.  We were all able to get together for our annual Christmas gathering at St Anns.  It was pleasant as always getting to see most of the family.  Of course, there were plenty of rounds of Spoons to be had.  This year I took several videos of them and posted them on Vine.  You can view Round One Here, and you can view Round Two Here on my Vine.

Anyways, its time for me to go to bed.  I’m really gonna try to make more posts, as sometimes posting this stuff really helps me relax emotionally.


Its SNOWY and Stuff!

So Sunday I had my annual Christmas party in January.  It was nice because they did it on a Sunday this year which is a lot easier for me to get off versus the Saturdays they normally do it on.  Since we’ve been having it at St Ann’s we normally have them cater it.  However this year they decided to have a Chili bar.  A couple people brought their own homemade versions of Chili, and everybody else brought random mix ins.  Stuff like goldfish, Fritos, Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and Continue reading “Its SNOWY and Stuff!”

Sometimes, I stick my hands in my armpits, and sniff them like this!

So, I’ve been pretty busy with work, but I have a few moments to do a quick bloggie blog, so I will.

Firstly, I’ve added a new video to my video section, so check it out! [Video Section].  I like it.  Its how I try to live my life, and the artist (Matisyahu) is great as well.  I have several of his albums.

So Christmas was good.  I spent it at my Aunt and her partners house. They cooked a fantasticly great meal.  Turkey, Ham, stuffing, mashes potatos, gravy, “smoosh” (VERY DELICIOUS!), pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, and… some other stuff I can’t remember.  I left STUFFED!  I hung out with my sister, daughter, mom and dad, along with my grandmother, and my aunt and “T”.  Oh. and Daisy, the cat.

So this week I’m training a manager.  I love training.  No, like seriously, I love it.  Work was pretty busy as well so that was nice.  All in all a pretty good week so far.

Anyways, I’m off to work.


Oh. PS. I’m taking applications for my next GF.  Just saying.

Merry Christmas!


Welp, I figure I’ll drop a quick blog while I’m waiting for family to come over.
Not much new really, Its been a quiet last couple of days.  Very busy at work of course.
My sister and I went shopping at the mall for some last minute stuff.  I was quite surprised at how slow it was.  I figured it would be busy as heck with people last minute shopping. I was not able to find ANYTHING that i wanted to get mikayla.  I was going to get her a cellphone on my contract.  In fact that was the main reason of going to the mall.  Oh well.  I got her a couple things that I think she’ll like.

Anyways, Merry Christmas all who read this.




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