About that….

So, i’ve been in a pretty wretched mood all day.  Just been one of those days, know what i mean?  So i guess i will blog about last week, and other stuff i guess.

So I guess we’ll start with all the blog drama that I got included on.  Meh.  Anybody who knows me, knows that i care little for engaging in it.  So  moving on.

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Happy Birthday Mikayla.

Mikayla baby

On April 23, 2001 one of the most amazing, emotional, and important events in my life occurred,  I was about to have a baby.  I was scared.  I was worried.  I was nervous.  As I stood in the operating room I wondered if I would be able to handle the responsibilities that were headed my way.  I had serious questions.  I wondered if I would be able to make the right decisions.  I wondered if I was qualified to help mold and shape somebody.  I had questions that I thought were major concerns then (but really are silly lol).  What if i dropped her.  What if i rolled over her.  What if she fell off the bed.  What if i pushed her too hard on the swing.  Then the doctor handed me a pair of surgical scissors, and I cut the cord and then subsequently held the most wonderful bundle of joy ever.  As I stared into her eyes, I stopped worrying.  The fears subsided for the moment.  The most beautiful baby girl stared at me wide eyed and with wonder.  It would be ok.

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Man, so I was driving home from work last night and had to make a pit stop for something. I turn into the driveway and there’s a heard of deer on the side of the road in this grassy area.  I mean, there was litterally like 3-5 deer.  And this is on 44th Street in Wyoming! LOLOL  It was pretty cool.  I stopped my car and grabbed my phone to try to get a picture / video but they all started moseying on their way.  Not even running, just strolling around!

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Birthday, and stuff

So I haven’t posted in awhile so i guess i’ll try and get things caught up.

Sunday was my birthday.  My parents came into town and my sister came over, and my daughter came over, and of course my brother,  so we all went out to Red Robin for lunch.  It was really good as usual.  My mom had never had it before and she loved it.  After that we had to drop off Mikayla and then we headed back to the house.  We relaxed for a bit and then my parents took off.  My brother had to work, so my sister and I decided to start the Back To The Future marathon.  I bought the 25th Anniversarry Edition BlueRay set from Amazon.com last week and it had finially arrived.  It was great watching all three of them again.

Hurm in other news, after extensive testing, I finally migrated my blogging site project to the new domain.  Its now at http://www.probablyblogging.com instead of probablyflirting.  I’m going to make that my private site in a few weeks, once everybody gets adjusted.  It was a pretty interesting project, requiring me to edit some SQL files, and some PHP files.  But it went without a hitch (so far), so I’m excited.  Next project is going to be to add BuddyPress to it.  Most plug-ins and and themes I just add, but this one i’m going to test for a bit, because its a pretty extensive change.

Anyways, Its time for me to run off to work.  Love Peace Chicken Grease.


Oh.  and PS… I’m going to be making a 2nd blog that will be under my gaming moniker, so that people who don’t want to read all the mundane and emo updates about my life, can just see my gaming stuff.  Weeeeee!


So whats going on?
Pretty slow day at work.  Kinda disappointed that we didn’t the snow storm yesterday that we were supposed to.  Would’ve made us quite busy.  Meh.

So whats new in my Gaming world?  Well one of STO’s long time community members got a job with Perfect World.  Link to the article is [HERE].  Congratulations to him!  Season 5 for Star Trek Online hits tomorrow.  Weee!

In other news, Sunday is my birthday.  Looking forward to spending it with Mikayla.  Hopefully somebody else as well. We shall see.

I’ve been playing around with some different rom’s for my phone.  Still think that Cyanogenmod is the best, although I really like how MIUI looks.  MIUI looks really really pretty, but lacks a lot of the features that CM has, and doesn’t seem to run quite as well.

Anyways, thats all for now.  I’m thinking about splitting my blog into two different sites… One that’s gaming related and one thats personal. Why? Well, because I’m sure not everybody cares terribly about my personal life, just about my opinion on certain things.

Anyways.  TTFN


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