I delved back into WoW again.  This time i’ve decided to roll a Durid.  Check it out on the WoW Armory.  Right now, I’m a Boom Chicken / Healer.  I decided to check out the Worgen race.  The beginning levels were pretty interesting, learning the lore and all that.  After that, its basicly like leveling a Night Elf.  Which is fine.  I leveled my only other “real” character as human / Drenai so its been a nice change.

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So much has been going on lately, that I haven’t had time to blog.  And yet, as I sit here, I’m having a brain fart.

So I guess maybe I’ll just start going backwards through the week, and see where we end up.

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STO: Advanced Odyssey Cruiser(s) Stats and Info


So as you are reading this article you’ve probably already completed “The 2800” series on Star Trek Online.  If you were like me you gushed and or squee’d in excitement when the Enterprise came warping in to assist you in cleaning up the remaining ships.  So, lets take a look at the details of this new ship that is going to be available on the C-Store.

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