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Welp, I’ve gotten lazy again in posting.  Well, aside that is, from the ONE MILLION posts yesterday that happened when i was adjusting some tags and catagories on old posts.  Ya… Sorry about that.

So, before i continue any further, lemme just say, its hot as hell…. Hell, Michigan that is…

Anyways, so yesterday I had the day off, so I picked up my daughter and we had lunch with my dad in this little diner.  It was fantasticley delicious.  And conversation was great.  After that we headed up to my parents house in Muskegon and hooked up his finially finished computer.  Thankfully, we plugged it all back in and it worked like a charm! WEEEE… (Not that i doubted, but still… )

So we chilled there for a fwe, and then went and picked up my mom at her work.  That was rather interesting indeed, as she works at a day care center for senior citizens who are mentally handicapped. (I think thats the most policially correct thing to say?)  After we grabbed her, we picked up pizza on the way back to their house.  While we ate pizza we were watching some shows on the discovery channel, and i learned that for all intents and purposes, because of the antibactierial properties of the mucus in our noses, that eating your boogs is actually good for you.  CRAZY!

After we were done with dinner, I headed back into down to bring Mikayla to the open house at her school to meet her new Teacher (officially anyways, as she had already met her the day before unofficially while playing at the playground.)  So we get to  her school, and we’re walking around talking to her friends, and I see this lady down the hall who is just stunningly beautiful.  So we keep walking and Mikayla points to her and says thats her Teacher.  I’m like oh man she’s hot… (in my head of course).  As we get closer and closer, I’m starting to realize that she looks strikingly familier.  So we approach her, and I introduce myself, and she recognizes Mikayla straight away from the previous days encounter.  She tells me her name, and instantly I remember that this chick used to work for me before Mikayla was even born.  When she left she gave me her address, and made me promise that I would stay in contact with her because she doesn’t give her address out to anybody.  Of course I promised, and had every intention, because I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread.  And of course I did laundry like 2 days later and washed the piece of paper, and never talked to her again.  Until yesterday.  So we wander around some more, and my curiosity overwhelmed me and I just had to go back and ask her if she ever worked where we worked together.  So I ask her, well, asctually, Mikayla blurted it out, because I had shared with her that i was pretty sure that she used to work with me.  She answers no at first, and of course i’m instantly blushed since i was certain i had just made a large donkey out of myself lololol.  Then she was like wait, wait, yes I did.  I got soooo excited, and I looked down at my feet to try to clear the blushing, and noticed the GARGANTUAN ring on her finger… Holy crap that thing was huge.  And instantly after that, I looked straight past her at the desk, and saw the picture of her family, and decided to keep quiet about anything else.  So… Moral of the story i suppose, is don’t wash peoples phone number and address.  Or, the other moral is that its a small world.  Thats probably the better moral.

After that i headed home, and played some games, and worked on my test run of the possibly upcoming probablyblogging Blogging Site.  Seems to be working rather nicely, and I think i’ve got an understanding on how it works.

Which leads me to today…

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