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So, its been a minute or two since I’ve posted on here.  Mostly because I’ve been working on this new and improved site.  I’ve moved it to its own domain now, and thusly giving me the satisfaction of knowing that i successfully tinkered with it.  While I DID want to move this site to its own domain, i think it’s more the personal satisfaction of knowing that I set up the web server.  I was the one who successfully configured it to run TWO separate websites off of the same server (this site, and BOTH run off of the same server).  Sometimes I log in, and *hope* that some update breaks it somehow, and i”ll have to redo something in order for it to work again, just so I can tinker with it.  But, really, only a small part of me, so please don’t break my server lololol.

So, that being said what else has  been going on lately?  I guess I’ll start with work.  I’m now at the Plainfield location right down the street from my work.  That’s pretty nice.  No more driving to Wyoming.  Also means i’m not moving into Waterchase with my sister and cousin, so that’s kind of a bummer.

Mikayla and I went and saw Man Of Steel on Father’s Day.  The movie itself, was great.  I enjoyed it not only for its action, but I really felt like the guy who played him did a really great job.  I haven’t liked somebody as “Supes” like this, since Christopher Reaves.  I was however a bit dissappointed (Please read, VERY dissappointed), that there was NO tie in for a Justice League movie.  I thought for sure that DC would have gotten into gear at this point and at LEAST included some sort of ending credits scene.  Nope.  Nothing. No mention of Wayne Industries, Gotham, other superheros, nothing. I even only saw ONE mention of LuthorCorp in the movie.

Anyways, that’s about it for now.  I’m going fishing tomorrow so i’m looking forward to that.


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