SSR Show 9/18, Twitch, and more!

Good evening!

Tonight’s show was fun as always!  We debuted the SSR Twitch channel for the show.  Had a GREAT time dancing at Quarks, and showing off my cats in the webcam on the stream of my game client.  In case you haven’t heard, SubSpace Radio’s Twitch is located at  We’ve got several DJ’s who are planning on doing shows with that so that’s going to be exciting!


Anyways, as per the norm, here is my playlist from todays show!

Subspace Radio – Transition
Gaming Radio Network – This Show is Rated PA 16
DJ Buzz – SSR Station ID
Astien “aCe” Sanjuro – Alien Nation 3.0 Intro
Aaliyah – Try Again
Jesse McCartney – Beautiful Soul
Maria Mena – You’re The Only One
Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
Usher – Caught Up
All-4-One – (She’s Got) Skillz
Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men – One Sweet Day
Amy Winehouse – Rehab
Adele – I’ll Be Waiting
Vanessa Carlton – White Houses
Britney Spears – Criminal
Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble
Sheryl Crow – Every Day is a Winding…
Sisqó – Thong Song
Ace Of Base – Beautiful Life
Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize
Within Temptation – Sinéad – VNV Nation Remix
Lady Gaga – Americano
Ke$ha – Blow
Pitbull – Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) Feat T-Pain
Mysto & Pizzi – Somebody’s Watching ME – MASTERED
Robert Miles – Children
PPK – Resurrection
Manian – ravers fantasy (radio mix)
Subspace Radio – Transition


In other news, I found out that the Scimitar that i’d been flying on my rommie is suppose to have a hangar bay.  WUUUUUT.  We were talking about the “Failbird” aka the Ar’Kif Tactical Warbird retrofit and how it got a new hanger:

Ar’kif Tactical Warbird Retrofit

  • Hangar bay has been added to the ship!
  • New name for the ship is now Ar’kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit.
  • A free version of the Scorpion Fighters has been added to the EC store.
    • These can be purchased by Captains who had bought the Ar’kif Tactical Warbird Retrofit prior to this update.
    • These will automatically appear on the ship if it is reclaimed/purchased.
  • Ship art has been modified to add a Hangar bay

Then somebody mentioned that the Scimitar was supposed to have it as well.  Dang… No wonder that ship sucked when I was using it… I was only using half! lolol I’m gonna have to mess around with it again and see why I was missing that!


Anyways, that’s all for now! TTFN

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