Spilling the beans already!

Well, I promised I would be writing more on the blog this week because I’m shunning social media. Just Facebook and Twitter for the time being because most of Instagram is just pictures. But lemme start catching memes in my Insta timeline….

I logged on to Facebook this morning and the FIRST THING I saw was one of my friends posting spoilers from Avengers Endgame. Now, there’s something you have to understand. I don’t get up at like noon or something. I get up everyday at 5am. I get ready, shower, eat breakfast, let the dogs out, and then sit down at the PC for a few minutes while i eat breakfast and checkup on the world. First thing I see is a spoiler lol.

Soooo, I’m going to take a break from Facebook and Twitter. Unless I have a notification that somebody has tagged me in something or sent me a message, than I’ll be staying off. I’m not trying to ruin the movie for me. I’m planning on seeing it sometime next week. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

This sundays’s episode of Game Of Thrones should be amazing. They’re saying it’s the longest battle in television history.

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