So… Like… I’m Married and stuff.

SOOOO…. I’m married.  On July 31st of 2016, I was able to marry the girl of my dreams.  A

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Spalding
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Spalding

beautiful, caring, sensitive, compassionate woman named Shereen.  We had a very small ceremony and reception.  Only our immediate families were invited, so mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.  It was a very very quick ceremony that was presided over by my Aunt.  Who, by the way, along with her freshly wedded spouse, did an amazing job on our little mini reception after the ceremony.  One thousand thanks to you both for your help, hospitality, generosity, and graciousness.
After the ceremony we had a lovely brunch that was cooked by “T”.  It consisted of a waffle bar (which in of itself consisted of fresh made waffles, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, several jams, peanut butter,13907067_10153538045121582_4904773054790092349_n chocolate chips, whip cream, syrups, and probably some other things i’m forgetting), cheesy baked potatoes, Kielbasa, several different Quiches, mimosas, a
nd probably some other things that I’m forgetting.  Instead of the standard wedding cake, we decided to be a lil off kilter (as if you couldn’t tell our whole wedding was by my outfit), and went with cupcakes.  And let me tell you.  These cupcakes were amazing.  I’ve never seen “Gourmet” Cupcakes like these before.  You can check them out for yourself at The Salted Cupcake.  They’re also on Facebook at The Salted Cupcake.  Best cupcakes I’ve had in quite some time.  And the lady was super nice as well.

After the wedding, we gathered some things and headed out for a very mini honeymoon.  We decided to stay a couple nights downtown at the Courtyard Marriott.  We stayed there Sunday night and Monday night.  We didn’t really do much relaxing over the course of the two days except f13882245_1336293923065559_3327661275385888414_nor maybe Monday.  We slept in until like 2pm!  Which, for Shereen, is par for the course, but for me, that’s the most I’ve been able to sleep in, in months.  We went and saw a movie, Central Intelligence Agency.
That was pretty funny.  We also ran some errands to get Shereen’s drivers license renewed and some other stuff.  We also visited the Musical Fountain in Grand Haven.  It’d been several years since I’d been out there and her and I had been wanting to go for awhile.  That was a very nice time and Grand Haven just has that small town friendly feeling to it.  All in all though, it was a very relaxing two days.

Anyways, that’s the latest and greatest.  I’m a husband.  I have a wife.  And I love her.


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