So I was deactivated on Uber…

So, in order to understand and follow along with this story, you’re gonna have to take a trip down memory lane. To a story that I posted a few months ago about a guy I picked up before.

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Now, that you’ve read up on that escapade, there’s more that I need to add. About a month ago, I was working, and I got a ping on Lyft to pick somebody up with the same name over at the Grand Rapids Ballet. I didn’t think anything of it at all because this guy’s name is not really a standard name for a guy and because Lyft promised me that I would never be matched up with him again. So I drive over there and I’m minding my own business and I turn the corner and pull into the driveway and there’s dude standing in the middle of the road. I’m literally shocked and mortified because of how traumatizing the experience was before. He looks up, and somehow looks straight into my eyes, and we instantly know who each other were. He walks over and gets in and I just start driving. It was like a 15 minute drive out to Jenison / Grandville area where he was going and there wasn’t a single word spoken between the two of us. The tension in the car was entirely palpable, and could have been cut with a dull spoon. I drop him off and I immediately, again, call Lyft and raise some hell with them because this was never supposed to happen again. Basically he had made a new account and that’s how we got matched up again. Once again they assured me that this was “never going to happen again”. I stopped doing Lyft as much after this happened because of that and a couple other reasons. More recently I’ve been doing it more and more again though.

Ok, now lets fast forward to Friday morning. As I’ve stated before, I get started almost the same way every single day that I work. I get up at 5, and I am on the road by 6am. Friday morning was no different except for the fact that I got a bit of a head start on the morning. So I get my first ping on the Uber app and it’s over to 4th street on the West Side. I don’t think anything of it because it’s under a girls name. But as I’m starting to get closer and closer, I can see on my GPS that it’s right in the same area as that dudes house was. I’m starting to get a bit nervous but I’m thinking to myself, no this is a chick so it can’t be him. Sure enough I pull on to 4th and I realize that it’s the same exact house. So I pull up, and I’m praying that it’s somebody that just put the wrong address in and not really them. Low and behold, dude walks out and gets into my car. I’m frozen. I’m just staring at my phone trying to decide if I’m going to give this guy a ride or if I’m gonna ask him to get out and cancel the ride.

After about 30-45 seconds of staring at my phone, I made my decision. I ask him to get out and I calmly let him know that I’m going to cancel his ride and I’m not going to charge him, but that I’m not going to deal with this again. He answers by playing dumb and saying “What? What’s going on? What are you talking about?”. So I repeated my statement. He replies back saying the same thing, just rearranged. After about 2-3 times of doing this I broke it down for him. I told him that I remembered being in his driveway just a few months ago and him screaming at me in front of his family and neighbors and getting in my face. He chuckles and says to me “Oh, that was you?”. He then gets out of his car and I turn to watch him get out and he looks me in the eyes and leaves the door open and walks to his porch which was about 10-15 feet away from where I was parked. So I have to get out of the car, while he’s intensely staring at me and shut the door. I hopped back in the car and immediately cancelled the ride, and turned off uber because I needed some time to recover. So I find another parking lot and I called Uber.

I had a brief conversation with whoever picked up and informed him that I did not want to ever be paired with him again because of some past issues on a different platform. The agent says ok, and guarantees me that I’ll never have to deal with him again. I sit for a few minutes longer to recover, and then turn back on my apps and go back to working for the day. I ended up working a pretty long day because it was rather slow and I didn’t take a nap in the afternoon like I normally do because of how slow the morning was.

So Saturday morning rolls around and I accidentally slept through my alarms, and didn’t wake up until 9am almost exactly. I get up and I get ready and decide to start my day on Lyft instead of Uber. The first run of my day Saturday was quite a doozey in of itself. I get to the pickup point at York Creek Apartments. The lady comes out with herself and two small children and tries to get in. I’ve learned in my year of doing Uber and Lyft, that I always keep the door locked until everything is on the up and up. So I rolled down the window and let her know that if she was going to ride with me that the two kids would need to be in booster seats or child seats. She informs me that she always gets rides and has never had any problems. So I told her that I’m sorry, but it’s the law and it’s also Lyft rules that they can’t not be in car seats or boosters. She continues to argue with me and she’s getting more hostile towards me. She then asks me if I’m going to get paid. I informed her that since I drove 9 minutes to get to her, that most likely, yes, Lyft would be paying me and she would most likely be charged since she’s the one breaking the law. She keeps arguing and then informs me that she’s texted her son to come “beat my fat ass”. I responded with a quip about how she’s setting a great example for her kids about breaking the law. At this point she starts walking back to the door with her kids while yelling at me over and over about how I’m a fat motherfu****.

Now I need you guys to understand that up until this point I’m pretty agitated. But as she keeps calling me fat, I’m starting to get more and more amused. This lady is calling me a fat bit**, a fat ass, and all other sorts of fat things, and yet this girl was big herself! The more and more she went on, the more and more I stopped being angry and started finding it amusing. I started pulling away because I didn’t want to wait for whoever she texted to come out and actually try something. So I pulled into the bank parking lot by York Creek and called Lyft and reported her for not having car seats and being confrontational about it.

At this point, I had a haircut appointment at noon, so I figured I had enough time to take one or two more rides. Seeing as Lyft had already pissed me off for the morning, I decided to log on to the Uber platform instead. I was greeted with this message in my app. “We are investigating a service denial report from a rider on one of your recent trips. They have reported that you refused them service because of a federally protected trait. Your account has been placed on hold while we look in to this report”. I knew in a nano second, who was responsible for this. I’m beyond livid. So I go home and I call Uber support to find out what’s going on. They informed me that it’s a special team that investigates these kinds of things and that the normal support team doesn’t have access to any information on the case. So I’m forced to go on with my day until I’ve heard back from the special team tasked with the investigation of my supposed transgressions.

So I go about my day. Most of it pretty upset. I’ve never even turned down a dog that I KNEW wasn’t a service dog because I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I could be in trouble. Finally the girl from the special team calls me and lets me know that there was a complaint made, and she confirms with me that it was indeed the guy from 4th street that I’ve had issues with in the past. She informs me that he made a complaint that I wouldn’t pick him up because he was black. She asked me to tell her what happened, and I gave her the full story. All the way back to the Lyft runs in December and a couple months ago. I told her that from what I had learned from other drivers, they felt like his Lyft accounts were banned, and that’s why they think he was using his wifes Uber account. She seemed to insinuate that they thought he had multiple accounts on Uber as well. She had to ask me under recording whether or not I understood that I’m not allowed to discriminate. She didnt’ really want to ask me because she fully believed what I was telling her, but it was part of their procedure. After all that was said and done, she told me they would be reactivating my account immediately.

Sure enough after I got off the phone call I was able to log back on. It’s frustrating being put in that position. I had to drive until almost 5am that day after getting up at 9am to make up the money that I lost by being deactivated from Uber and having to deal with all that stuff. It’s also frustrating that people can be like that. All because I backed out of his driveway the wrong way in December.

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