She tried to get a free ride!

So I had a rider the other night who I picked up Sunday morning at around 2:30am. I picked her up from a Taco Bell in Grand Rapids, after her shift. I pulled into the parking lot and she was already waiting for me, which was nice since many times when we arrive somewhere we have to wait up to 5 minutes for them to come out.

She got into the car with a drink carrier of like 4 drinks and a bunch of food. I immediately cringed inside because the drinks is like a disaster waiting to happen. But she climbed in just fine and sat down.

While she was climbing in, I asked her if her name was “Lady”. Her name isn’t really “Lady”, but that’s what we’re going to call her for today in the interests of protecting her identity. Although I kind of want to just put her name and face out there because of what she tried to do. Anyways, she didn’t really answer, so I once again repeated the question because I always make sure that I’m picking up the right person. She finally responds and says that she is indeed “Lady”. After that I verified her address to which she also said was correct.

After we got going we seemingly had a great conversation about that Taco Bell location, and the issues it has been going through. She had recently started there as a manager and was expressing some of her frustrations about that location. I was telling her also about some of the problems that I’ve had there in the past and that generally I don’t go to that location because of all the issues. I dropped her off and went on my day, pretty happy about the trip.

Then the next morning, I got a notification that one of my fares had been taken away because supposedly I picked up the wrong person. So I called Uber and talked to them and they told me it was this ride. So i told the guy I said was her name “Lady”, and wasn’t it spelled like super weird and then spelled the name for the Uber rep. He confirmed and refunded my money.

Moral of the story: Don’t try and cheat the system.

Author: peter

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