She called me fat!

So Saturday morning rolled around and I accidentally slept through my alarms, and didn’t wake up until 9am almost exactly. I get up and I get ready and decide to start my day on Lyft instead of Uber. The first run of my day Saturday was quite a doozey. I get to the pickup point at York Creek Apartments.

The lady comes out with herself and two small children and tries to get in. I’ve learned in my year of doing Uber and Lyft, that I always keep the door locked until everything is on the up and up. So I rolled down the window and let her know that if she was going to ride with me that the two kids would need to be in booster seats or child seats. She informs me that she always gets rides and has never had any problems. So I told her that I’m sorry, but it’s the law and it’s also Lyft rules that they can’t not be in car seats or boosters. She continues to argue with me and she’s getting more hostile towards me. She then asks me if I’m going to get paid. I informed her that since I drove 9 minutes to get to her, that most likely, yes, Lyft would be paying me and she would most likely be charged since she’s the one breaking the law. She keeps arguing and then informs me that she’s texted her son to come “beat my fat ass”. I responded with a quip about how she’s setting a great example for her kids about breaking the law.

At this point she starts walking back to the door with her kids while yelling at me over and over about how I’m a fat motherfu****. Now I need you guys to understand that up until this point I’m pretty agitated. But as she keeps calling me fat, I’m starting to get more and more amused. This lady is calling me a fat bit**, a fat ass, and all other sorts of fat things, and yet this girl was big herself! Like, clearly The more and more she went on, the more and more I stopped being angry and started finding it amusing. I started pulling away because I didn’t want to wait for whoever she texted to come out and actually try something. So I pulled into the bank parking lot by York Creek and called Lyft and reported her for not having car seats and being confrontational about it.

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