Romulan Vet Rewards info released!

So Branflakes has posted the info on the uniforms, and more importantly (imo) the new ship that is available to LT subs.
This ship at first glance looks like a Romulan version of the Federation Chimara.  The only problem I really have with these two ships, is that it requires a console which you have to slot into one of the available positions.  My problem with that is, once you do that you are pretty much crippled in that slot, thusly ruining the small advantage the ship would have.  Anyways, here’s the details and be sure to check out the full article!


Romulan Veteran Rewards

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
Daeinos Heavy Destroyer


Since Star Trek Online launched in February 2010, we have thanked our loyal subscribers and lifetime members through the Veteran’s Rewards program. We know you have many options in choosing where to spend your time, so it means so much to us that you choose to spend it here.

We are excited to announce that the Romulan-specific Veteran Rewards (which are all instantly available to all Lifetime Subscribers, regardless of subscribed date!) will be available in-game starting this Thursday, July 25th around 10AM PDT! Here are some details on them:

1000-Day Exclusive Veteran Starship

Daeinos Heavy Destroyer


Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
Tactical Mode



The Romulan Republic has been working on a special new destroyer class Warbird, designed for high-level combat situations. Due to your loyalty as a 1000-day Veteran, the Republic has granted you command of this unique new Warbird — the Prototype Heavy Destroyer: Daeinos Class.

Like most Warbirds, the Daeinos is a highly versatile and adaptable ship, with a balanced focus on firepower and survivability. While in its innate Regenerative Mode, excess power is transferred to the Auxiliary System and you gain a bonus to Starship Shield Systems. It comes equipped with a prototype Dynamic Tactical System console (or DTS). This console allows you to transform your ship between Regenerative Mode and Tactical Mode. In Regenerative Mode, your Tachyon Inversion Beam is enabled, which can siphon shields from multiple targets. Activating Tactical Mode transfers power to your Weapon Systems, and increases your ships Starship Targeting Systems skill, granting an Accuracy bonus. In Tactical Mode, the DTS console enables a powerful multi-targeting Lotus, which is capable of piercing multiple targets. However, while in Tactical Mode, your Starship Shield Systems bonus, Auxiliary Power bonus and Tachyon Inversion Beam are disabled.

If eligible, this ship can be claimed from ‘Starship and Shuttle Requisitions’ at a shipyard. If you discharge this ship, speak to the ‘Starship and Shuttle Requisitions’ contact to receive another token to re-claim it.


Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
Tactical Mode, Plasma Lotus




  • Faction: Romulan Republic
  • Required Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Hull Strength: 34,500
  • Shield Modifier: 0.83
  • Crew: 750
  • Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft
  • Device Slots: 2
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Ensign Universal, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal
  • Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 14 degrees per second
  • Impulse modifier: 0.22
  • Can equip Cannons
  • +10 Weapon Subsystems
  • Regenerative Mode (Innate): +5 Auxiliary Subsystems, +30 Starship Shield Systems
  • Console – Universal – Dynamic Tactical System: Tactical Mode (Disables Regenerative Mode, +5 Weapon Subsystems, +30 Starship Targeting Systems), Tachyon Inversion Beam (Requires Regenerative Mode), Plasma Lotus (Requires Tactical Mode)
  • Advanced Quantum Slipstream Drive
  • Romulan Battle Cloaking Device
  • Singularity Abilities
    • 40 Base Power for All Subsystems
    • Plasma Shockwave
    • Quantum Absorption
    • Warp Shadows
    • Singularity Jump
    • Singularity Overcharge

NOTE: The above stats are subject to change.


Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
Regenerative Mode, Tachyon Inversion Beam


For more information please visit the website and check out the FULL article at Star Trek Online.

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