Pokemon GO! (And More).

Here i am again… Doing the blog thing.  I think I’ve posted like 2 times in the last couple weeks.  Thats like DOUBLE the last 6 months at least lol.

So Pokemon Go happened.  And of course, being from the generation that I am, i have of course dived straight in.  Several days into the game being released we’ve seen everything from a thousand person gathering in the downtown area, to servers being down for the Pokemon GOgame for hours on end.  I’ve managed to capture several of my favorite Pokemon from my childhood.  Last night the fiance and I spent several hours downtown checking out the Pokemon scene and catching some Pokemon.  I didn’t really catch anything astonishing, but I did catch a LOT of stuff I already had, giving me plenty of candies and dust.  Shereen was surprisingly into it as well.  In fact, in the entire time I’ve known her, she’s never played a game on her phone until now.

The countdown to our wedding is nearly complete.  We’ve still got some errands to run downloadand stuff to do because we’ve not been able to catch a day off together.  Like our marriage license.  We’ve decided to keep the ceremony and reception very small.  We’ll probably be posting something on Facebook within the next day or two, because there’s going to be a lot of people who want to come that aren’t going to be able to.  Shereen has already ordered her dress and is expecting it any day.  I’m tabbing back and forth while writing this blog post picking from a few ideas that I have for my wedding outfit.  It’s going to be un-traditional but respectful.  Shereen’s dress is as beautiful as she is, and is as equally simple.

Anyways, that’s all for now.  Laundry in the morning, and I’m hoping to actually do a radio show in the early evening.




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