Pens, Ink, and Journaling… OH MY!

Well, it’s been a hot minute again since I’ve posted on here. I guess I should probably explain why, and show you what I’ve been getting into lately.

So this is my pen, ink, and writing collection. Left to right are my pens in order of my like of writing with.
Left is the Twsbi Eco T
Left middle is the Lamy Safari
Right middle is a Jinhao 993
Right is Twsbi Go
I’ve gotten a few samples from a couple different friends, as well as the some I’ve purchased.

So I’ve been journaling instead of writing on here, which has been really nice. Partly because it turns out writing stuff down happens to have a very therapeutic effect, but also I’m able to convey ALL my thoughts on paper that I know nobody will ever see so I can “say” whatever I feel like instead of having to hold stuff back because I’m worried that people will read and then become upset if something I wrote was about them. There’s just something about writing though. But don’t worry. I won’t NOT post on here. It will just be more about updates and pics and stuff like that.

What? you want to see my Inkventory? Cool beans! Here’s what I’ve got for pens so far and the inks I have in them:

PenInk In Pen
Jinhao993 SharkPink
TWSBIGoSaphireDiamineRuby Blue
TWSBIEco TClearVan DiemanRoyal Starfish

Look. I dunno what ink I have in the shark pen. Its been in there for a hot minute. Ok, now, here’s my inks:

Ink NameInfo
ColorverseMystic Mountain15mlBlue Grey
ColorversePillars of Creation65mlPurple Green
DiamineEarl GreyXGrey
DiamineWriters BloodXMaroon
DiamineAmazing Amethyst80ml
DiamineRuby BlueXBlue
MonteverdeCalifornia TealXTeal
Noodler’sBlack Swan in Australian RosesXPink
Van DiemanRoyal StarfishXPurple

Anyways, that’s probably all for now. Don’t forget to swing by my streams and say hi if you haven’t. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 9:30pm EST officially, although I often start early.


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