Day 2 of 2

I’m really into Dave Matthews Band today.  I’m not sure why. I know that my friend Jamie didn’t help by posting some lyrics from Ants Marching, but I was already listening to Crash Into Me, when i stumbled upon her post.

Well, today I didn’t really do much of anything productive seeing as I stayed up all night talking to you-know-who and then slept in today 🙂 But it was worth it as always.

Currently I’m about to check out the new updates to the Tribble Test Server for Star Trek Online.  Seems pretty awesome so far.

Until tonight.  That is all.


So… Day 1 of two days off in-a-row. Here’s what I’ve done

1. Nothing
2. Talk to work on the phone like OVER NINE THOUSAND times…
3. Talked to… somebody on the phone. Somebody I enjoy talking to. Somebody far away. Maybe i’ll make a rage comic about yew?
4. Played Champions Online for awhile…
5. Buncha back end stuff for SubSpace Radio – The Voice of Star Trek Online
6. Nothing



sad people make me cry.

Well its true… I can’t help it. Its just the way I am… I was born that way. Or maybe raised that way? I dunno. But I know it hurts to see other people hurt. And I see you are hurting. Others don’t see it. I see it though. And it makes me sad, because your smile is infectious. It lights up the room. And your not smiling

Anyways. Its time to get some shut eye. Gotta run some errands tomorrow and then to enjoy some time off. Weeeeee


“flashing lights come from everywhere, The way they hit her I just stop and stare, She’s got me love stoned, man i swear, She’s bad and she knows, I think that she knows”

Whatevs… I’m drunk… Lay off of me. lol. i do what i want!

Awkward……? Hopefully not.

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