Oughtnt be Gangsterous…

Somebody today texted me “Oughtnt” and I decided today that I was going to use it in my blog post.  Because its awesome.  Then i also decided to use gangerstous, because it also a awesome work. Very much like me… Awesome.

Ok, so first of all, I need to retell a story that was told to me.  Its about somebody that we will call “Ashley” for the sake of keeping things anonymous.  So this is a story about Ashley who went to the bar to have a few drinks with her friends.  Well Ashley got there and was having a grand time with Stephanie and Laquisha.  They were making jokes about life, and work.  They talked about school and how classes were getting ready to start.  Meanwhile, a group of super ugly chick ninjas were plotting a few tables down.  They were upset that Ashley, Stephanie, and Laquisha were getting all the attention and looks from the guys, and getting all their drinks for free.  So they waited until Laquisha and Stephanie went to the bathroom (since girls always go in pairs).  Once they went, they threw down their crazy ninja dust and started attacking Ashley.  They caught her completely by surprise.  Similtaniously beating the crap out of her face, stomach and body.  One of them stomped on her hand trying to break it, but only managed to bruise it.  Getting angry that they weren’t causing more damage to her, they whipped her by the hair across the bar.  Finially she was away from them, and was able to catch her breath.  She pointed at them and said “bring it on.”  At that point, they attacked again full force, but this time something was different.  Ashley easily defended herself, now that she had regained her composure, and caught her breath.  They had no idea what she was capable of.  Furiously she fought back, blocking their crazy ninja blows, while mercilessly throwing back blows.  One by one, she disabled them until only one was left.  She told Ashley that she was sorry, and didn’t want to fight anymore and offered to buy her a beer.  So she bought a beer, and while they were toasting their beer to a new found friendship, the super ugly ninja chicks did a super combined foot stomp right on Ashley’s hand (again).  At that moment Ashleys friends Laquisha and Stephanie came out of the bathroom, and the ninjas ran off.
And so concludes the story about how Ashleys hand got hurted.

The story, names, details, and actual properties of this story are probably not true, and mostly fabricated by my mind.

Work this weekend was crazy busy.  Which is odd, because we are “supposed” to be slow because of the holiday weekend. (Not that I’m complaining mind you).  And then, today that we were supposed to be busy, we were slow… Ahhh… Love it.

I think i’m having more fun pouring through my library of songs and picking random thing to play, than actually typing this blog post.  Like, currently I’m listening and singing Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.  Weeeeee!

Other than that, theirs not really much new to blog about.  Things are quiet.  Too quiet.

Anyhoos… TTFN!

Author: peter

Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

4 thoughts on “Oughtnt be Gangsterous…”

  1. I typoed. It’s oughtn’t. Sorry. LOL

    And I liked your story, though I was continually afraid it was about to take a turn for the sinister.

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