No Driving for me!

So crazy times out there. I haven’t been driving for the past few weeks because of all the craziness going on with Covid-19. Things were going good, and then they closed the bars right before the weekend, and it was all over from there.

I tried to drive and not give in to the panic of the situation right away. But the amount of rides drastically decreased because right after they closed the bars, they closed all of the “non essential” businesses. That’s put quite a dent into the amount of rides that people need. Plus the sheer amount of over saturation that has already been an issue in Grand Rapids doesn’t help. So I decided to expand my horizons a bit into grocery shopping. Food delivery has been really good for some of the folks out there but I never really signed up for any because I was already in the delivery business for so long that I didn’t want to do it after I left.

I did shopping for Instacart for a couple weeks and then added Shipt into my stable of gig work. Both were pretty fun, and if things were different I probably would have kept doing it during the week. But after a couple of pretty hefty shops that left no tip after I dropped the orders off way into the Ada / Rockford area I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t making that much doing it anyways.

So this last week I’ve been home. Doing things around the house. I’ve been doing a lot of streaming over at my Gaming With Retep. So that’s really the extent of things. Updates over here on this side of my life are going to be pretty quiet until things get sorted with this pandemic.

Author: peter

Gamer, streamer, techie, social media junkie, tinkerer, father, son, and pizza lover.

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