New job, crazy times and the kitchen sink

Just kidding! There’s nothing about a kitchen sink in this post! But, just as a heads up, I decided to break this gigantic post up into 3 different sections to make it easier for people who don’t care about my rideshare life, or don’t care about my gaming life. If you do care about both you can click those links and read those posts too.

Firstly, I’ll have you know that I noticed that whenever I’m doing these blog posts, I usually always do two spaces after the period. That used to be the standard when I was in school for papers and things like that, but now apparently it’s not, and I’m having a really hard time not doing it anymore. So for anybody that pays that close attention, yes. You might find some sentences that are punctuated with an extra space and some that aren’t. Also, it’s like almost 4am while I’m writing these posts so I’m a bit tired.

So I guess as far as events go we’ll lead off with the big news that I haven’t even posted on Facebook yet. In fact, I’ve only told a couple of people. I accepted a position with Farmers Insurance starting on April 20th. I’ll be a Service Advocate II, in the Policy Support Operations department. From what it sounds like, basically I’ll be doing a lot of research on policy changes for existing policies and looking up information for new policies. I’ll be starting my training from home on the 20th and once all the Covid-19 stuff blows over than I’ll be going to the headquarters out on Caledonia. The campus out there is pretty amazing. They gave us a virtual tour during our last interview. It’s got a Starbucks, a gym, and even like a small restaurant / deli area. I’ve picked up and dropped off people out there before and their campus is massive. They’ve got an area there that has a trailer, a house, and a motor home all inside the building. I know quite a few people that work there so it will be nice to see some familiar faces. Maybe I’ll see them, lol. It’s a HUGE campus. I’ve never worked in an office setting before so I’m gonna have to go get some business casual wear. I get to wear jeans at the office so that’s kinda cool.

These are some crazy times right now. This Covid-19 thing is crazy. As I already stated in my post before this, I haven’t been working this last week because it just hasn’t been worth the risk. And really, I’m not too worried about getting sick myself, but as the meme shows on the left, I don’t wanna be that person to put somebody else at risk of getting sick. Of course there’s other things to worry about like paying bills and things like that, but I think with the unemployment that gig workers are supposed to be getting it will work out.

With all the negativity going on with all this, I can tell you for sure that my dogs are super appreciative of me being home more. I feel like they are really going to miss me when I go back to work again full time.

Like I said above, this is part 1 of a 3 part post. The other two parts are my more specially about my Gaming, and Ride share or the lack there of.

Anyways, it’s about time for bed.

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