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So I added a new gallery of photos onto my Photos section.  Its called [Fall Pictures], and it features, photos from, well, this years fall.  I’ve taken the liberty and added several already, but as the season moves on you will want to check back often to see if I’ve added anymore.  I will probably also upload them to Facebook after awhile but I’m not sure.  I also re-organized how my photos are arranged and separated them out a bit more via categories.  I’m also trying out a new theme, although seeing as we are approaching Halloween I will probably switch to my bloody / zombie / ghoulish theme.

More after the jump!

Speaking of Facebook, I feel more and more that I’m gravitating away from it.  I post more pictures to my instagram and to here than I do there.  I’ve also found myself investigating other Social Media outlets as well.  I’ve found a resurgence of myself on Twitter, and I’ve also been checking out this new App called “Circle“.  It seems to be a very local type social media thing.  I made my first post today.  The premise seems pretty neat, but seeing as I don’t have too many friends on it, you should probably sign up if you live in my town so that it works better mmmkaayyy?  It makes me think that, thats what Google+ should look like

It always somewhat amusing when something happens in your life, and it jogs this tide fall of memories.  Things you meant to do, things you need to do, things you shouldn’t do.  Things you had completely forgotten about from a year ago just snap back into your memory like they were from yesterday.   I had a similar event yesterday that I wasn’t even really involved in, and by wasn’t really involved in, i mean i wasn’t at all.  But just hearing about it sent these rush of “zomg’s” to my head.

Well, Breaking Bad is over.  I’m pretty satisfied with the ending.  Everybody got their just deserts.  I was rather nervous that they were going to kill off Jessie, and I would have been super bummed about that.  I think he’s the character I’ve really rooted behind since the beginning of the show.  I had pictured a slightly different ending personally.  I thought that Skyler would take control over his “empire”.  During this last couple of seasons I really felt like she was pulling a bit more of the strings then she was letting on.  Once Upon a Time started back up as well, and we’re off into this season with… Peter Pan as a bad guy???? MIND BLOWING.  I must say this show really takes fairy tales and throws them upside down and, ya know… I kinda like it.   Glee also started back, and for not being a Beatles fan, I really enjoyed the music in the episode.  I was REALLY hoping for a lot more “Goodbye Finn” type stuff, but I suppose that’s really hard on everybody already, let alone doing an episode like that.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the paterfamilias of the Cullen family in that episode.  I still am not a big fan of a couple of the peeps who have replaced the “graduates”.  Mainly i’m speaking of Wade / Unique.  Just not really any… I dunno… Character I guess.

Anyways, its WELL past my bedtime, so TTFN!

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