My Niece, Cottage Pie, and 2nd Covid shot

I’m a little behind on things that have been going on so I guess I’ll try to start with Covid-19 update.

I got my 2nd Covid-19 shot last Monday. I took the day off and the day after just to make sure that I’d get past all the side affects. Turns out that I didn’t’ really need to do that. I woke up feeling fine on Tuesday and after a few hours had passed and I still felt fine I decided to mow my lawn. That was a mistake lol. I got about halfway through the lawn and i felt like I had zero energy left. I managed to finish the lawn and crash out in the computer chair and relax the rest of the day. No fever or chills or body aches. I think I got really lucky as all of my other friends had it rough on the 2nd shot.

I got some pics of my new niece finally. Well, i guess she’s not really new, but i digress. Gemma Ann.

So Mikayla came over for her birthday and I made this amazing recipe for Cottage Pie. It was super amazing. Even with her, her bf, my brother, and myself, I still had a TON of leftovers from that batch that I froze. I actually had some for lunch today.

Anyways I think that’s all for now. It’s almost 1:30am and it’s time for bed.


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