Mikayla takes 2nd place, and more!




So Mikayla got that today.  She went to IWU (Indiana Wesyleyan University) which is one of several colleges for the church she goes to.  It’s a program that provides some scholarship monies for kids who place in the talent program.  Out of several hundred kids that applied and performed for singing, Mikayla took 2nd place.  I can’t wait to see her when she gets back.  I’m so proud of her, and I’m excited that she’s getting some reward for all the pushing that I have given her.  Not just me, but her mom too.  We’ve both encouraged her to sing because she loves it so much, and she’s good at it.  Anyways, that’s enough bragging for now.

I’ve been watching a new show lately.  “Once Upon a Time.”  Its pretty good.  The premise is that the witch who hunted Snow White found a way to send ALL the fairy tale characters into one town in the real world, and they don’t know who they’re fairy tale counterparts are.  And its up to Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter to fix it all.  So far, I’m into episode 13 of season 1.  Its got several pretty well known actors and actresses in it, and people who do guest spots as well.
Other than that I’ve been watching Transformers Prime as well.  Thats a pretty good series, and it has several of my favorite actors from Star Trek in it, and is directed by some of the same people as well.

Went fishing the other day.  Caught several fish under the bridge on North Park over by Monroe.  Its a very nice spot, thats pretty easy to get to, and offers shade from the sunshine, and obviously fish that will bite.  I caught the most fish at 7, but most of them were smaller fish.  Mostly Rock Bass, that were decent sized, but smaller compared to the Small Mouth that Erik and my brother caught.


Anyways, I suppose that’s all for now.  Toots!


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