So much has been going on lately, that I haven’t had time to blog.  And yet, as I sit here, I’m having a brain fart.

So I guess maybe I’ll just start going backwards through the week, and see where we end up.

Its been a pretty roller coaster week at work.  Busy and then slow, busy and then slow.  Tonight was super busy.  Busier than i’ve seen on a sunday in awhile. Had a surprise visitor tonight.  That was pretty nice 🙂

I added some stuff to the ProbablyBlogging website this week.  I added a modified TOS, and a modiified Privacy Statement.  I’m working on getting this thing up and running.  Will it ever happen? I dunno.  But we shall see.  About the only things i have left to do, is design a logo or find somebody to donate a logo for it, implement the ads system, and set / implement a monetary system so as to actually make a couple bucks from it.

Other than that I delved back into WoW again.  This time i’ve decided to roll a Durid.  Check it out on the WoW Armory.  Right now, I’m a Boom Chicken / Healer.  I decided to check out the Worgen race.  The beginning levels were pretty interesting, learning the lore and all that.  After that, its basicly like leveling a Night Elf.  Which is fine.  I leveled my only other “real” character as human / Drenai so its been a nice change.

I’ve been debating on checking out Guild Wars II, but I don’t really feel like plonking down the money for it, and its not really in the budget currently anyways.

Still toying with the MWO Beta.  Thats been a lot of fun.  Expecially <redacted>, and <redacted>.  Couple of my friends have gotten beta invites as well, so I’m looking forward to getting some drops in on <redacted> with them.

In STO, I’ve switched out of the new Regent class.  Its a nice ship, but the metryon gas just isn’t enough of a useful tool when compared to the Advanced Odyssey cruiser.  So I’m back running that, and I’m thinking I need to start working on getting some better gear, because even with my above average skill i’m starting to fall behind on damage.  I’ll have to get with some of the SSR STF runners and get some runs in.

In other news, I completely re-installed windows again this week.  I just did it a couple weeks ago, but I had installed it on two hard drives setup as a raid system.  I’m not sure if they are too old or what but I was getting TONS of errors, and having a bunch of problems.  So I re-installed, and did it normally, and now I’m back up and running at top speed again.

I posted a somewhat scathing post on my facebook the other day.  I’ll post a copy of it here

It amazes me what politics does to (some) people. The last few days outside of the RNC and now the DNC conventions have just amazed me. So many people cursing and yelling at their friends, family members, and each other, and posting some of the most ridiculous stuff on their facebooks. All because he/she/they support the “other” candidate. And these are grown adults. You should be ashamed. Yes, I’m glad that we all have strong convictions, and opinins, on who to vote for. However, at the end of the day we ALL really want the same thing. To be happy. Peeps… Its called Tact, and your doing it wrong.


Basically I’m just tired of people fighting over politics.  And please don’t miss-understand that statement.  I don’t mean I’m tired of people talking about it or their vote.  I’m tired of people becoming irate with each other, and thinking that one candidate is the save-all versus the other.  I’m all for people having civil conversations and debates on the pros and cons of each candidate, but when it turns into cursing and swearing at each other… That’s where I draw the line.

Anyways, its almost 2:30am.  I have to open.



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