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So I decided to do a review of the new Legacy of Romulus expansion since it’s a Beta weekend!  I’m pretty excited about STO getting Romulans as they have always been one of my favorite races.  I’ve always loved the Feds, and never really like the Klingons.  Not that I think they are a bad race, or anything, they are just not my style.  Vulcans and Romulans have always been at the top of my favorite aliens list.  WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

So, upon logging into the game, the first thing that you notice is the new login screen.  It’s all Romulan-y.  After creating a new character in the newly revamped, and for the better, character creator you log in to the tutorial.  After a short cut scene and a few dialog screens, and some running around town to get a plasma pistol, you get right into the action.   

screenshot_2013-05-12-14-41-47The first “real” mission involves killing some insectoids named “Khellid”, and repairing the damaged pipes they’ve caused  It’s a pretty straightforward mission, that involves running around a lush garden while fixing pipes and killing stuff.  After that you return to a rather impatient NPC who has been yelling and sending you messages since you beamed / appeared / came to / however you got to the planet.  He’s surrounded by several other NPC’s who all appear to be arguing. 

CavesHe then sends you down to a female NPC in a clearing near a cave.  For some reason all the NPC’s you’ve talked to so far are angry.  She rants and raves about how the previous NPC called her lazy and worthless.  Anyways, she has you collect “samples” from dead insectoids.  Take good care of the instructions as I didn’t read them carefully the first time and ended up spending extra time killing bugs I didn’t need to. Just killing one bug was actually needed, but it only need  be a certain bug.  Moving forward she sends you into a cave with some splendid coloring.  As you progress into the cave you continue to see crawling and flying insectoids.  Towards the end of the cave you spy a robotic spider type bug, and it runs away.  You chase after it to find a strange hovering machine that immediately starts attacking you with a blast weapon of some sort.  After defeating that mob, you have to disable the machine that kind of just sitting there in the room, which leads to a cut scene bringing you back to the NPC.

Mystery Machine

Once you bring the data to her from the caves, she sends you to see somebody else to analyze it.  This part branches out depending on what class you are.  He then tells a story of a mysterious race of aliens named the “Elachi”, and how they were to blame for kidnapping people on his old ship, and how they must have some interest in the planet.  He sends you off to somebody else in charge to let them know the findings. 

Explosions!You come to the leader of this colony, and he thanks you for your work and saving them from immediate danger, and invites you to relax and enjoy the forthcoming celebration that about to ensue.  It fades to a cut scene of him giving a speech, and some fireworks celebrating, when you see what appears to be some sort of plasma torpedo hitting the building next to the celebration.  You pass out, and get woken up to chaos around you with energy weapon battles, explosions and the such.  You are then tasked with finding a rifle and pushing back the enemy which turns out to be none other than the Tal Shiar.  After several communications about getting off the planet and finding a battery to replace the dead one on the communications array, you head to the shipyard to escape.


shuttle cut scene
After a brief cut scene of two of the other shuttles being scrapped in front of you, the tutorial transitions to the space portion.  The first mission being to scan derelict War birds for parts.  That being of course to practice moving your ship around and learning the W,A,S,D buttons, and what they do.  The next part involves scanning some derelict ships and then blowing some up to test the weapons systems.  After that you destroy a few Tal Shiar satellites, and then get a distress call.  You head out to rescue other colonists who are being attacked by the Tal Shiar drones, and light war birds.  The explosions of the latter are particularly since because of, I’m assuming, the Singularity Core  that Romulan ships use.  I tried to catch a couple of screenshots of it, but wasn’t quite successful because of how short the explosion was.   Next we detect a signal and investigate an unknown ship that doesn’t match anything on record.  So we scan it, and are immediately overpowered.  A Tal Shiar ship materializes, and turns out our old friend Hakeev is the commander.  The unknown ship is apparently of Elachi origin, we discover, as it cloaks or warps away, and our conversation with Hakeev gets underway.  Things don’t go too well, and a firefight breaks out, and thankfully we are assisted by Temer, part of the Romulan Republic, and some other NPC’s who warp in at the nick of time to help.

After that battle and some more dialog, we are offered what appears to be a branching choice to either help their cause, or to not be a part of their war.  I’m going to help them, because I feel like that’s what I should do.  After some more dialog we warp to their “flotilla” to finish up the tutorial.  The only things left are the starship modification and costume modification.  The new and improved character creator / modifier is much improved.  The old system was rather confusing, and this seems to be a much better balance of power, and ease of use, while putting the most popular options at the forefront.  I didn’t mess around with it too much, as I was just trying to get through the tutorial.  The starship modifier didn’t seem too much different, and there wasn’t really many ways to modify my war bird besides the metal color.  I was hoping to be able to turn the bird on the bottom at least a different color but that appears to be hard coded at this point.  After you get done trying out the customization the NPC has you beam to your ship and go into sector space for practice turning in missions via comlink.  That concludes the tutorial, and it leads you into actual missions.


Besides the new tutorial, and the obvious Romulan / Remen races, the expansion brings several other things.  A revamp of the UI, the ability to start as any faction from level 1, the return of Empress Sela (and voiced again, by none other than Denise Crosby), a revamp of the traits system and the ability to re-arrange your existing traits, and probably what is most exciting for me, the ability to fly a Romulan War Bird.  The new interface is pretty amazing in my opinion.  Feels a lot more “Trekkie” than the current one.  Plus the ability to customize it is pretty nifty as well.  


If the rest of the expansion looks, and feels as good as the tutorial does, then I think LoR is going to be a SOLID expansion for STO. I know I am looking forward to this expansion.  I will probably at least one or two characters to level up.  So, you ask, what did I notice that wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns?  I did notice that as of the creation of this article, the crafting system shows only generic craftables.  No race specific items like feds, and klingons have available.  Other than that, I’ve heard of some bugs but other than that I’ve not really experienced anything else that I was dissapointed in.  All in all, its going to be great, and I’m excited!

What do you think?


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  1. Good review, I agree. It’s very well thought out, the attention to detail is impressive, I dare say this storyline could sell as a Romulan tv series IMO.

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