Late Night Things caught on Video

Being a Rideshare driver is a lot of fun. I get to meet new people every single day. Every single hour. I get to hear different stories, and outlooks on life. I get to sometimes have deep discussions about things. I also get to see some crazy things with working the night shifts on the weekends. Last Friday night was no exception.

It was around 2am or so, and the B.O.B was letting out. I was already a bit agitated because I had waited 6 minutes for these girls who were supposedly on the elevator on the way out. She finally gets in my car and tells me her friends are still inside on the elevator because they wouldn’t let all of them on at once. So I sat there for a couple minutes while this chick in the tightest latex (literally latex. She told me so.) dress that I’ve ever seen is making small talk with me. She finally calls her friends and finds out that they’re not even in the elevator because one of them is stuck in the bathroom puking. She decides that she’s not going to hold me up any longer (thankfully), and gets out.

At that point somebody from the B.O.B. was trying to pull out from in front of me so I had to move. So i switched spots so they could pull out and they went to return to my parking spot as I knew I would get another ride from the B.O.B. within seconds. As I was backing out I could see and hear some guy freaking out about something. He then decides to jump on the back of my car for whatever reason and roll around. I jumped out and started yelling at him. He continues walking around erratically while his friends apologizing profusely for his actions. I double checked my car for damage and thankfully there was none.


Author: peter

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