Just one more episode!

Ok, so I’ve been watching Kyle XY lately.  It’s very similar to Chuck. Well, sort of. I mean they both involve a very innocent and normal person that’s been gifted some special abilities.  It don’t know why i like these types of shows.  Maybe because it gives me hope that their could be people out there that aren’t as sinister as what the world seems to be full of.  Not that everybody is bad by far.  In fact, as a general statement, if you’re reading this blog, then you’re on the “ok by me” list… lolol

In other news, I’m thinking of taking my BBS down.  Its gotten little to no attention from me as of late, mostly because of the fact that there has been no traffic to it.  I feel like maybe i could promote it a bit on the BBS forums around the ‘net, but I’m not sure its worth it anymore.  Meh… Decisions, decisions….  If you want to check it out in the mean time, please feel free to visit it 🙂 The Old School BBS


Anyways, I’m finishing up this episode, and then heading to bed.  As I chat with you… No, not you… Yes, you over there 🙂

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